Friday, August 19, 2011

Fly-Away Fridays- the Beach

I thought it would be fun to start a regular Friday feature that is all about dream  getaways... Kind of a bucket list/inspiration list of places and thing.. Want to come along?
(all pictures found on Pinterest under "Beach, Summer and Coastal")

Summer is almost over and I haven't been to the beach. Of course I haven't been to the beach in a few years, but every summer the craving comes up.

Did you know that I used to live near the beach? I did. For 3 years my family lived in Largo, Florida. Which is near Clearwater, which is near Tampa. I was only a kid, so I didn't not get to fully embrace beach life, but  a small piece of it remains in me. A small craving for the way the clouds look above the ocean, the way wet mushy sand feels beneath my toes. Sand just like this.

If I could go to the beach I would want to spend my mornings walking down a path like this 

My afternoons napping here

And my evenings with my Sweet Man here

I would want to dine on this

And drink lots of these

I would want to wear this

And this 
And of course a floppy hat

And I would gather lovely mementos to always remember my calm and beautiful days under the clouds and the stars, with only the sea and the sand beneath my feet..


  1. I am now dreaming of a place like that too! Looks wonderful!

  2. I thought you didn't like sand?

  3. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Hi Jerusalem, my name is Sylwia. I am form Poland and visit your blog every day. I like it so much. Your photos and words are so happy :)

  4. Oh, friend. You and I dream the same dreams. I love this post.

  5. I live near the beach, but no beaches like that! I live along the west coast in Canada. It is still beautiful, just in a different way. Oh, and I want that bathing suit! So, adorable!

  6. There is something very rejuvenating at the beach...I get my fix a few times a year by driving to Cape Cod....I love to walk the beach alone and just THINK, THINK, THINK - there is nothing more serene!

  7. Me too! Me too! I'm heading to the beach tomorrow afternoon; there won't be many more opportunities in 2011!

    (PS - Even though I'm 3 days late, I'm Thursday confessing today!) Love your blog!

  8. Making me daydream now...

  9. I'm with ya! I lovvveeee the beach, one of my most favorite places to be. It's the peace and calm of watching the water. I hope you get there.

  10. This post just made me so so happy. I want to go there but I'd have a matching swimsuit, you okay with that? :) Because that one is to die for!!


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