Tuesday, August 02, 2011

bits and pieces

Last week, one of my best friends lost her father. 

It was the first life event of this sort for our little group. Our little rag-tag- friends- since -college group and while we have been through marriages, divorces, births and miscarriages, illness and more together, we have never been through the loss of a parent until now.
I cannot say how much I love those gals and what a gift it was to work side by side with my friends,  caring for one of our own as best we could, providing whatever little grain of help and comfort we could by washing dishes and making beds. 
The whole time I just kept thinking  "We are too young. He was too young. "
But life has no regard for our time tables.  

I am so thankful for my friends who, despite all my cracks and imperfections hold me together, who remind me and all the bits and pieces of beauty and love and magic in life which I often loose amid to-do list  and worry and daily irritations. Friends who, when the going get's really tough,  will come scrub my toilet, judgement free. 
Just cause they love me.


  1. Friends are great to have. Great Friends are few and are a blessing to have. So glad you are a great friend.

  2. There is nothing better or more powerful than a group of women working together
    to help and support a friend.

    How blessed you are.

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  3. The toughest times in life bring out the BEST in BEST friends! What a blessing to have.

  4. The older I get the more I realize how precious good friends (and family members) are. I am sorry for your friend's loss!


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