Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thursday's Confessions

Welcome to Thursday's Confessions. A new weekly feature where I confess, before you my sisters and brothers, the silly, the ridiculous and even at times the shameful. Why? Because confession is good for the soul. Even in Blogland. 

Confession: I have nothing profound or very interesting to say today.  This makes me a bad blogger. Instead  of blogging I wish I could invite you all over for cupcakes and lemonade and ask you this instead. I would love to hear what you are doing.

 Confession: I have been on pins and needles lately. I am in that weird middle ground where I am back at work but the kids aren't back at school yet. One foot back in the old routine, one foot out. It is sort of that way with everything right now. Lots of chapters half written, lots of projects half finished or finished but not photographed. Lots of waiting. It makes me antsy and tired. 

Also this blasted heat wears a gal out. I think I could crawl into my bed, crank the air down real low and nap my way through all of July.  I would think something is wrong, but I feel like this EVERY July.  It's like clockwork. As soon as the 4th is over I am wiped out till mid-August.  I think we need a term for this. Something that captures this malaise the way Cabin Fever does for those harsh and lonesome winter months. 

Confession: Sometimes I day dream about quitting it all to go and live on my grandmothers porch. It is my happy place. Who wouldn't want to go live there?  


  1. I wish I could join you for lemonade and cupcakes, but we are vacationing on the Coast. I'm making lemon bars and tea instead. Come join us! I enjoy reading about your dear family and love your Banners!

  2. I start getting depressed in August! The heat and the start up of another school year get me down. Once I actually get back to school I am OK with it. I just dread the end of my summer!

  3. I'm too English now. I'd join you for a cupcake and a cuppa tea. ;)

  4. No lemonade or cupcakes for me, I have a nasty tooth infection. Having a bad week this week, so thank heavens a beautiful parcel showed up yesterday to cheer me up! I love all the bits and pieces you sent, can't wait to get my poster framed and up on my living room wall. Thankyou so much, exactly what I needed to lift my spirit. xox

  5. I just spent a few days with my Bosom Buddy from Alaska. Her daughter married our son so she is spread pretty thin when she's in town. Our family is preparing to go to Grand Lux Cafe for supper tomorrow night, then to a play. Emma, by the AD Players. Then a night at Club Quarters in downtown Houston, then breakfast at the Pie House, then Central Market to shop and buy some fun yummies. I would like to sew a dress tonight....have towels on the line and supper was leftovers. Some days are packed, and some are not !!

  6. We are living in Canada, but we are from Australia, so I'm trying to push my kids to school through summer. As they had a big break in January. They want to swim, and wish we had more friends. I'm surviving days, as I'm horribly homesick right now. I cook, clean, hug my baby and school the kids. Hit repeat.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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