Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to School...On a Budget

Ruche - $35.00

Believe it our not our school starts today! The school that the kids attend and I work at is a year round school - which means we only get about 4-5 weeks for summer.  Because the weather is so blasted hot I don't mind too much - at least we are cool. And we get lots of other breaks when the weather is cooler, times when all the other schools are still slaving away.

But regardless of when Back-to-School is, I cannot help but think about buying new school clothes.
Of course I have to think in terms of a warmer back-to-school outfits. Especially because temps don't cool down enough for a fall wardrobe till October.

These are a few fun items I found that if I had the forethought I would have snatched up for today.
Especially this necklace - isn't it too cute?

I love working in a school. I love all seeing the kids grow from one year to the next (we are K-12 so it is extra fun because we can watch them go the whole way!) I also love all the getting ready for each new year- freshly sharpened pencils and blank notebooks, just waiting for oodles and doodles of inspiration...


  1. I love those shoes!!! I schools start back at the in of July :)

  2. Love the dress, shoes, all of it!! The necklace is so fun and I did see that very charm at Hobby Lobby!!

  3. Wow...short vacation! I have the summer off. In the NE we break at the end of June until the Wed after Labor Day - - so my break just began! By all means treat yourself to a new outfit - anyone who works with children all day deserves a treat now and then!! Take it from someone who also does!

  4. I think I need those shoes. They'd go perfect with my new capri's I got for $6 at Kmart this week!

    I'm a huge advocate for year round school. I think it's great for little minds. Wish we did that here!

  5. i love back to school time. i absolutely must watch you've got mail every august because of it. :)
    happy back to school day.
    p.s. that necklace is fab!

  6. That is just the cutest outfit!!


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