Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday's Confessions

Welcome to Thursday's Confessions. A new weekly feature where I confess, before you my sisters and brothers, the silly, the ridiculous and even at times the shameful. Why? Because confession is good for the soul. Even in Blogland. 

(Today it is pretty silly...Just cause.)

Confession: I love to wander aimlessly through the Flea Markets and low-end Antique Malls. It is to me what playing golf is to my father-in-law. A de-stresser galore.
I rarely get to do this anymore now that I work full-time but during the summer months, when I have more time off and time seems to slow down a bit,  I like to find as many moments to steal away as I can and wander the aisles of colorful vintage goodies.

I was very fortunate that on my way to and from my farm retreat I was able to visit 3 flea markets - 2 which were brand new to me. It was so great to wander with no sense of urgency or purpose. Just me, my camera and time, lots of time.

Confession: I have no use for real Antiques. I like the junk and the borderline junk. And the cheaper the better. Give me things that cost $6 and under.  Not $20 or $40.  
I am such a cheapskate snob.

These days I find myself looking for useful items. Things that I can  justify purchasing - like kitchen items. Sometimes I find funny kitchen tools and I cannot imagine what they are for.
Like this aqua handled something-or-another.  Any clue on this one? Anyone?

I am particularly drawn to choppers and pitchers. Especially syrup pitchers. 
I think I have maxed out my allotment of choppers (well there is one design I don't have yet...) But I think maybe I could get away with a few more pitchers...maybe?

I also am loving storage containers and tins. Anything I can use and still enjoy.  I use old tins to hold dry goods like coffee, tea and beans.  I loved the look (but not the price) of this huge baking powder can- how fun is it? And the colors are perfect.

Confession: I need grandchildren.  Ok, well "need" might be a bit strong of a word.
But  I am drawn to over and over is vintage children's toys and furniture and the  other day I actually said out loud "I can't wait to have grandkids so I can buy this stuff!" while looking at some great vintage goodies. 

I just love the colors of vintage kids goods. Kinda like how I love current little girl shoes. I am always walking through Target, lamenting how I love the little girls shoes better than the women's shoes.

There were 2 sets of these glasses, one in a carrier. I loved their colors and kitschy charm but I wondered if perhaps they are offensive to Native American Indians?  I am always curious about that. 

Next up I found a full set of this pattern. I had never seen this exact set before, the aqua trim, the gold and the flowers. I have seen them separate but never together.... Of course the very last thing that I need is more floral china. Seriously.

And last but not least, the Queen herself. Isn't she lovely? Wish I could have brought her home, but again, too high a price. Cheapskate me.

If you find yourself traveling between Fayettville and Little Rock sometime and you need to take a potty break, stop off in Alma. There are lots of food joints along with one handy flea market right off the exit. Just look for:

Sister's 2-TOO Antique Mall 
702 Highway 71 N, Alma, AR 72921-5109(479) 632-2292 


  1. Do you think we need intervention? I love to just look at old stuff. I spend a bit of time (hours) at work just looking at vintage stuff on Etsy! I think the aqua thing is like a pasta strainer. Drain off liquid from a pan? Glad you had a good day.

  2. Ah, the turquoise handle??? A spaghetti strainer, or strainer for vegetables.

  3. I have that toaster!!! Interested??

  4. Too fun. I want to go there now! Having an urge to go to the Beebe market tomorrow...

  5. Jade! Just like our post on the At Home in Arkansas blog yesterday! :)


    PS- Your post is up on our blog! Happy 4th!

  6. My first thought on that aqua thing was a tool masons used to spread out their concrete! Nancy

  7. Anonymous10:18 AM

    The aqua handled thing is a pot strainer. Love it.

  8. Hi Jerusalem, I am a regular reader of your blog, but never end up commenting, so hello! I really enjoy your stories and pictures.
    Anyway, I love checking out all the cool vintage stuff too, but I really don't get why companies don't cash in and try to make products and packaging that look more vintage, or use old color schemes and font styles! Whoever finally figures this out will make a fortune off women like you and me! :)
    Happy blogging!

  9. tijerasycuchara4:55 PM

    I like your work it is beautiful.
    Thank you for to share.
    I congratulate
    good bye Josefina

  10. The mystery? tool LOOKS like a strainer, but with the handle, I was thinking it was some sort of an outside tool? Whatever it is, I'd take it in a skinny minute.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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