Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thursdays Confessions

Welcome to Thursday's Confessions. A new weekly feature where I confess, before you my sisters and brothers, the silly, the ridiculous and even at times the shameful. Why? Because confession is good for the soul. Even in Blogland. 
I am a $1 item addict. I should probably go to rehab. Or at least Dollar Store Addicts Anonymous.

This weekend, while on a brief stop at Wal-Mart (I know, shameful, shameful Wal-Mart) I found these bandanna's on the way to the cereal aisle. OK, maybe they weren't exactly on the way to the cereal, but they were close!

I took one look and new they would make perfect kitchen cafe curtains and napkins.
And they were only $1 a piece.

So I bought 6. But I think I may need 2 more.
Or maybe 4. 10 is a good round number right? 

 Yes, 10. 10 would be perfect. 2 for the windows, 8 for the table.
Now if I can only work in another trip to Wal-Mart on the sly...I think I feel another cereal run coming on.
Oh dear me. 

Hello, my name is Jerusalem Greer, and I am Dollar Store Alcoholic...


  1. Those are very cute! Good idea to use them as napkins. Hmmm, maybe ur "everyday" cloth napkins could use an update!

  2. I think they would also make beautiful pillows and even a coverlet for a bed. I think 50 sounds reasonable.

  3. Nothin' wrong with going to The Walmarts! A girl on a budget has to do what a girl on a budget has to do!
    Love the fabric! Curtains? Yes! Napkins? Yes. Buy more to make placemats, or a patchwork tablecloth? Yes!

  4. Thanks, Jerusalem, I saw those scarves and bought two. I hadn't a clue what to do with them. Just loved them and needed them. But now, thanks to your great ideas, I have to go and get more ;) I think a patchwork tablecloth would be amazing! And, I agree with you about The Help. I've told everyone I know. You just have to read it! Thanks for the great ideas. Mona

  5. No. Way.

    You definitely need 10. And I need at least 4. ;)

  6. So I'm thinking a trip to Walmart may be in order this evening......

    These are so cute and match my Cath Kidston bedding quite nice!

  7. Those are gorgeous! As long as you don't have to eat the current cereal to go out and get more you're good!

  8. I almost bought those to make pants for Sammi but wasnt sure how they would wash. It looks like they washed fine?

  9. Those are just darling!! I didn't see those at my Wal-Mart store. Now *I* feel a cereal run coming up too! :)

  10. Those are so cute! Heading to my Walmart - uhm, right this minute!

  11. ooooh, i think i will be making a pit-stop at my walmart tonight. these are adorable! we use only cloth napkins in this house so i am forever finding cute ones and i can totally justify it! : )

  12. Oooooooo! I hope my Wal-mart has the same thing. I'll just head for the cereal aisle! ;) Great idea.

  13. Oh my. Those are soo cute!! :o)
    I need to make a run to WalMart! :o)
    You have a lovely blog.
    Sincerely, Trish

  14. I have those in pink and blue (only one of each, what was i thinking?) I actually wear them as doo rags on my head during the summer. My hair is curly and it's just way easier to braid my hair and put one of these on, instead of fighting the fluffy/frizzies.

    Now if I'm in a pinch, I can just take it off my head and wipe my mouth with it, LOL!


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