Friday, May 27, 2011

weekend plans

 My weekend starts today. Praise the Lord!
It came just at the right time, this 4 day break. 
I have big plans for this weekend and they all include staying home (except for the church cook-out on Sunday and going to see Sweet Man's band play at Riverfest afterwards.)
My to-do list is filled with projects for the book - cooking and crafting and writing.
I am praying the sun keeps shining so that the boys can spend lots of time outside as well. We all need a few days of the slow life.

Our big weekend plans also include playing with the ever-growing chicks.
They are full on 16 year olds now and they do a lot of strutting and they pick fights with each other. It is pretty funny. Wylie is our chicken-wrangler supreme, he can catch them better than anyone.

Sweet Man is hard at work on their big coop. He is using old windows and doors for the majority of walls and I cannot wait to see it when it is finished. Now that the boys have seen his handy work on this beauty, I think a tree house request is quickly coming... 

So those are my grand-plans for the weekend - what are yours?


  1. that coop will be the diggity!!! happy weekend, lady! i'm so with you on the slow thing. :)

  2. Love, love, love those curtains! Did you make those? If so, what are they made out of? I too am looking forward to the long, lazy weekend:)

  3. Love love those curtains too!!! Can you share any info about them? They almost look like oversized vintage hankies! Gorj!

    Have a happy weekend!

  4. The weekend could not have come fast enough for me! We have a bank holiday Monday here in the UK (do you too?). Tomorrow I go to London for theatre and an art exhibition, -I'm so excited!

    Like you, I also need some sloooow time this wkend, so I really hope I can relax; do some creative thing:, maybe finish off those cushion covers for my parents summerhouse. . .

    I love those curtains of yours SO much in that first photo, think I've told you that before, but I'm saying it again! Have a fab wkend. x

  5. Ditto on loving the curtains...where did you find the hankies??

  6. Those sound so delightful! I would love to go hide behind your curtains and pop out in surprise! I love this post right down to the chickens. Hope your weekend is as lovely as this post! Sending you blessings ~ Katie


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