Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Travelers at heart

 Last week we seized the day. Or technically we seiezed the evening, and ignored all our responsibilities.
We saw an opening in the crazy stormy weather, checked the schedule online, packed a basket, stopped by the ATM for Hot Dog & Nacho money and made a B-line for the  Trav's game.

Miles of course had to suit up in appropriate gear. That kid is always prepared for any event.

For the first half of the game we sat in the Berm on the grass which is my favorite place to sit.
I am a girl who likes to lounge after all.

The sun and the sky and the breeze were perfect - you would never have known that we had been rocked - and would continue to be rocked- by storms, tornados and flooding.

Miles spent a good amount of time rolling down the hill, which was cute until he knocked over some nice ladies beverage. I was proud of Sweet Man, who made took Miles over to apologize despite his embarrasment and tears (Miles, not Sweet Man's though there was that one moment...)

Sweet Wylie. Always the ham. Cannot believe he is about to be in the 6th grade.
Where is my baby? I think I see him in there somewhere, behind the glasses and the shaggy hair.

Believe it our not, we even watched the game and root, rooted for the home team and stuffed our tummies with lots of silly foods that only taste good at a ball field.

I am so glad we did not stay home and do something sensible, like mop the floors or fold the laundry.
Think of what we would have missed...


  1. My kids would be so jealous if they saw this. They were begging me to go. Next sunny game day... I like the berm seating too, much more fun!

  2. Were you by any chance, the only couple sitting on a gorgeous hand made quilt? You two are just adorable. Glad you left the mopping til later.


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