Tuesday, May 17, 2011

pretty stack of plans

In my family all the women share one particular habit.
We are fabric addicts. There I said it. The truth is out.
We have closets dedicated just to fabric. We buy it whether we have plans for it's use or not.

I had managed to kick this habit for a few years, and replaced it by becoming a paper addict during my banner making phase. Well, it seems that my fabric addiction was only lying dormant. Waiting for an excuse to rear it's greedy head. Apparently working on projects for the book was just the excuse it needed.

This weekend I hit the jackpot on some great fresh cottage cottons, perfect for several of my projects.
I think I could just leave it all stacked up like this and be perfectly content just to look at it every day.
I am pretty sure that if you are happy just to buy fabric and look at it, that you might the worst kind of fabric addict. Oh dear.

So dear readers, come on confess - are you a fabric addict too?


  1. I am! Whenever I am buying! Here is gorgeous fabrics. I love it! Have a nice day!!!

  2. Yes! I am now a vintage fabric addict. I wish I knew what it is in our genes but I just LOVE the colors & patterns and with vintage, I love the idea of where it has been and just knowing someone loved it before me makes me giddy! I too collected scrapbook paper but now I'm into fabric. Downside is, fabric takes up lots more room.

  3. Can't believe you are off the wagon. Guess you get it honest!!!
    Love ya

  4. I have a closet dedicated to fabric also. I've been trying to get rid of some of it! I also have some of those peices that I fold just right so that I can look at.

  5. My name is Erica and I am a fabric addict. . . I have a cupboard in my bedroom dedicated to my fabric. I've had this addiction for less than a year so I dread to think how bad it's gonna get. . . x

  6. I have it bad too! I blame it on my mother, she still has fabric stashed away for "someday" and she's 85 so I guess it's in the genes!

  7. You've forced me to confess. Yes, I am a fabric addict and hoarder. I have fabric in two rooms and not just in normal size closets. Most of it is vintage but every once in while I give in to the disease and buy more. I'm so glad sometimes that there is NO cure!!

  8. Oh your blog is lovely!!!!! So happy to have found you! I am too a hoarder...magazines everywhere in my home..in every corner. Hugs for a great new week. xoxo

  9. I could just leave a pile of pretty fabrics like yours and enjoy tactile and visual beauty for weeks. Not addicted to fabric,
    buttons on the other hand, I must confess, have a hold on me. Lovely fabrics, make pretty things AND have fun. peace

  10. Yes. I am a fabric addict. I buy fabric just to look at it. I have fabric with which I was going to make maternity clothes. That baby will turn 36 in October. I love to look at it. I have it squirreled away in every room in the house. I have two pottery bowls filled with fat quarters sitting in the living room. I always tell my sisters that I am trying to figure out a way to take it with me when I die. That would truly be heaven.

  11. I also *collect* fabric. I love to look at it on my shelves.......so I am the worst kind I guess. Well, at least now I know what category I fit in. Hopeless.
    I even like to look at blogs that have PICTURES of fabric on shelves. Your new fabric looks like dessert!


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