Wednesday, May 18, 2011

jewish food festival

For the past few years I have managed to find my way down to the Jewish Food Festival after church.
 It is an interesting experience, to be a person named Jerusalem, who is a Jesus follower, walking around  Jewish celebration. I feel both a kinship and a separation. Everywhere I look my name is displayed, and yet I I feel a bit like a traitor. As if, on this occasion, it would be better to be named Jane, than to carry the name of the Holy Land and not be a descendant of Abraham. I am probably over thinking this, but still, there it is.

Of course all this over thinking made me very hungry. Luckily I was in the right place.
First up: A Falafel plate - complete with Falafel, pita, hummus and slaw. It was all so good and I licked my plate clean.

My sister Judea was with me and I had the great honor to introduce her to one of my very favorite guilty pleasures:  Blintzes .Served with sides of jelly and sour cream these are the Jewish answer to crepes (or maybe it is the other way around? Or maybe they are from the same origin? I think I need to buff up on my History of All Things Yummy...)  anyway, these delicious treats are filled with a yummy creamy filling and I actually can feel my mouth watering for them right now. One of these days I am going to attempt to make them myself.  Do you have a good Falafel or Blintz recipe? If you do, would you mind sharing it? I would love to give them a whirl!


  1. That's worthy of an over-think, I think. ;) You're funny. And that food looks A-Mazing!!!

  2. I love falafel too & those ones look especially yummy. I am pretty much a disaster in the kitchen tho' & all my attempts at making falafel have ended badly. x


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