Thursday, April 07, 2011

salad bits

Yesterday was an odd day at work. Just kind of sideways. Nothing major. I just felt a little bit like I was walking on the deck of a a boat that was tilted to the right. When I got home, Sweet Man had left for a gig, and Wylie had play rehersal. Miles ate his lunch (which he had forgotton and left at home,) so that left only Judea and I for dinner. 

I was glad for the distraction of cooking. Glad to be home, glad to be in my kitchen with the sun streaming in. Glad to be chopping fresh veggies and browning chicken. Grateful for the food before me. Grateful for the provesion in my life, sideway days or not.  So I made a salad. A yummy spring salad full of all the things I like best.

As I chopped and crumbled and tossed, I threw the odd bits and bruised pieces into the compost bowl. The bowl of scraps that gets fed to to the worms. And I thought how beauiful even the compost bowl looked in the sunlight. How there are places in the world where this pile would be seen as a feast, while I see it as worm grub. And my gratefulness multiplied tenfold as I felt the sideways boat tilt rightside up again.


  1. We can't find your we hope it's okay to ask a question here. We weren't sure if you get to read all of your post but we did leave one under your house link. Then we were thinking that was an old post and we thought you might not see it. We would love to know about your faux quilt fabric, by any chance do you have any extra that you would like to sell?

    Thank you,

    *Have a lovely weekend
    Laura and Michele

  2. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Jerusalem, love love love your perspective - absolutely delight in God's creation and how simply beautiful it is - hope you enjoyed your salad


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