Thursday, April 28, 2011

random sub-par blogging

 I got a new rug.
I love it. It was inexpesive and it is an indoor/outdoor rug which means easy to clean.
I haven't been home long enough this week to love on it.
Or to worry about the back couch cushions that I need to replace/remake.
The sun hasn't been out long enough to get good pictures of anything so this one will have to do.


I am obessessed with a piece of country property that includes a house that I am pretty sure would quailfy me to be on an episode of Frontier House.
I am also still in love with this house.
And I can't stop thinking about that one.
Maybe once we drive out there I will see all it's flaws and let it go.
Untill then....

I love having my sister here and my having my 2 boys and a house full of neighbor kids. It feels right.
I also still get on the foster kid website and fantizise about adopting them all. At once.
There is part of my brain and heart that doesn't understand why I can't. But mostly I do.
 For now.


I have a wisdom tooth that needs to come out.
It's gonna have to wait.


I wish I could take the day off to stay home and bask in Royal Wedding Bruhaha.
Yes, I am that girl.
You should have seen the stacks of Princess Di magazines clippings and books I had as a girl.

Planting Dandelions: Field Notes From a Semi-Domesticated Life
My pal Kryan just released her book and is getting great reviews.
I am beyond happy for her.
Cannot wait to read it and love it and hopefully give one away...?? Fingers crossed.


So much more to tell. First, though I must get my beauty sleep. Or something like it.
Thanks for indulging me these ramblings.


  1. This may be one of my most favorite Jolly Goode posts.

    I like the way you think, lady.

  2. Oops. Um. That's me up there, liking the way you think.

  3. I love your new rug, and I love that you have a typewriter on the coffee table.
    Now I am wondering where you got that pretty rug - and how much it was?
    (If I am not totally rude in asking?)

  4. Speaking of Royalty, Mi looks like a rudgby player in your English home!

  5. I love the idea of you living in a frontier house. It would be the loveliest frontier house, for sure!

  6. Is Frontier House still on?


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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