Friday, April 01, 2011

the life of a chair

Months and moths ago I entered a contest by a group called Design Sherpa. I entered on a whim.
 The prize was a big ole trip to Paris and some cash - who wouldn't want to win that??
I entered the first round that required me to find a picture that represented  a favorite design style and then write  a few sentences about why it inspired me. And what do you know? Much to my surprise I made it through round one. Then round 2 came -it was an essay. Longer in length. Same basic idea - what inspires me when it comes to design? And again, I made it through (also much to my surprise!)
Then came round 3 (I think there were 5 rounds in all?) and for this round I had to make a 3 minute video about one element of design. Period. Those were the instructions. They were vary vague. Was the video supposed to include me? Talking? No talking? Stills? Moving pictures? I had no clue and there was really no one to ask.  So I made this little ditty. Needless to say I did not win. Or make it to round 4.
A short-film maker I am not. Oh well, Paris will still be there when I finally get to go...

I kind of forgot about the whole thing until I found my video today on YouTube today when I googled my name. (Yes, I googled my name. You know you do too from time to time, I am not the only one...) Despite losing it was a fun project and I was proud of what I accomplished (with lots of help from Sweet Man and Judea) with no real skill or direction or time.

And the video does represent one element of design to me - the most important one in my oponion:
The idea that all design is just another form of storytelling.


  1. I love this video. Good job even if you didn't get the big prize!

  2. Brilliant video, I really enjoyed watching it. Thanks for sharing it with us. x

  3. Love. In particular the pacing ... the music ... the dance of ideas and

  4. I would have picked you to win...what is wrong with those people? This certainly describes a style to me, in such a unique way - I understood it..i got it! You are a winner to us!
    Une meilleur chance la prochaine fois!


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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