Monday, April 04, 2011

bright spots- make do mondays

Saturday was a bit of a doozy, for no real reason that I can pin down. Maybe because it started off differently than I had hoped/expected?  My plans were changed at the last minute and our R St. pastor team meeting was canceled due to illness. I don't think I realized how much I was really looking forward to that meeting until the moment it was called off. But the truth is I was looking forward to it - to connecting with my team, to sharing and planning and dreaming and praying with them. To hearing what is going on in their lives and to share what is going on in mine. Sure we communicate throughout the week via email and text, and we see each other on Sundays, but because none of us are paid staff members (we all have "day jobs" ) and we each have busy family lives, our meetings are hard schedule and therefore hold a special place of value to me. More than I even knew. But despite the change of plans I was determined to Make Do,  so I grabbed Miles (the only other person awake at that hour on a Saturday) and we headed out to do some garage sailing. The weather was perfect and we didn't even have to leave our neighborhood to score some great finds.
Here are my favorites:

This great hand towel which I am assuming came from Garmisch, Germany?
It is in mint condition and I just love the alpsy design and perfect vintage red color. And lest you think this is getting put in a closet for a "to do" project down the road, do not fear, we are going to use this towel and wear it out. Smooth out. Holes and all.  Maybe you think that is wrong, but I am determined to not to purchase anything I do not have a need/use for. And even cute things need to be used, otherwise why have them?
Next find: 2 great vintage blankets - 1 matelasse, 1 chenille.
We never have enough blankets it seems, and these 2 vintage finds where in such great shape and such a great price ($4 each!) that I had to snatch them up.  The matelasse is a twin size and has taken up resident on the ottoman in the living room, waiting for lots of good couch snuggling. The yellow chenille blanket is brighter in color than this picture shows and it was just the bit of spring my bedroom was crying out for. I love the way the bumpy candlewick pattern feels through my top sheet and it is the perfect spring blanket weight. Once summer comes and the air conditioner gets turned on I will have to add another layer of warmth, but for now this $4 find is making me happy - especially because yellow as an accent color has been calling my name lately and this was the perfect Make-Do solution.

There are only 2 sports I am good at - Yoga and Croquet. I am being very serious. I can kick tale in Croquet. When I graduated from college, Sweet Man bought me a set and I loved it. In fact my graduation day remains one of the happiest days of my life to date, and in part it was because of the afternoon we spent celebrating and playing croquet. Unfortunately, over the years, my boys have turned the pieces from that set into their own personal swords and cannon balls, some of which have not fared well. When I found this vintage set Saturday for $3 I just about jumped for joy. I brought it home and immediately put it up where little hands cannot reach without permission and help.
Now if it would just stop raining cats and dogs we could all play a round or two. Feel free to come over and play anytime, but you better be prepared for some serious competition.

I am a sucker for all industrial storage. I just love it. I can never have enough and this locker box is perfect. Metal, heavy and a great size for holding just about anything. The only question now is, where will I use it first? My guess is the kitchen, filled with cookbooks. We shall see...

Despite my great finds, after we got home from garage sailing things went downhill fast.
The whole day was just weird and off and again, not what I expected. But then a friend stopped by to give me these jars and oh my gosh aren't they lovely? How can you have a bad day when someone brings you beautiful vintage aqua Ball jars?  You can't really. It would just be wrong and ungrateful and that would not do at all. So instead of grumbling some more about my weird day, I made do and I made lovely.  I gave up on trying to make my day be anything other than what it was, and surrendered all control and took a nap on my swinging bed. Which is always lovely.

(Need more lovely inspiration? Visit Heather's blog and see what the other LML crew is up to)


  1. I have some tableclothes with those little kids on them that we got in Panama, but must be from Germany. I want more because they are cotton and wash so well, but we can't find them anywhere. :(

  2. Tudo lindo no seu blog!

  3. I love your finds- the croquet set especially! And how lovely of your friend to bring you the vintage ball jars!

  4. Some great little discoveries you've got there. We had those German tea-towels when I was growing up, -in blue, green & red. I'd forgetten all about them until now. x


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