Monday, March 21, 2011

San Antonio Part 2

Part of why I blog is so that I will remember.
Already in the few years that I have been doing this I have forgotten so much, only to look back at my blog and remember it all over again.
I am lousy at getting pictures printed. I don't scrapbook.
I blog.

So bare with me a little longer while I blog about our trip some more.

I was really tired on this trip and as it turns out I was getting sick (I am much better now, thank you for all your sweet well-wishes!) and I felt like a vacation-failure.
But despite that, I did have a great time. One highlight was the window-shopping.
Due to the FEP this was a very budget-conscious getaway which meant not a lot of shopping, which was ok with me - as long as I still got to look.
And look I did... In San Antonio and Fredricksburg

 I could wear shirts like this every day in the summer. I would love to find a great inexpensive source -something that offered "not tourist" prices.

Sadly (but happily for my pocketbook) I did not have a lot of time to spend in this adorable fabric store.
I am pretty sure I could have dropped a big chunk of my pay check in there.

So wish we had something like this here...Just look at the oil cloth selections!

 If I could have stuffed this chair into my purse I might have fallen into a life of crime.
So great.

 My good pal Sarabeth gave me the heads up about a shop called Red in Fredricksburg
This store changed my life. Okay maybe I am being dramatic.

 What I should really say is that this store helped me find a focus for the things I want to change in my house.
Gave me a sense of place and direction.

It wasn't so much the colors or the textures or the specific pieces, it was more how everything was used and purposed.

The innovation. The "found" quality mixed with an freshness that I loved.

 Sweet Man is a seasoned window shopping companion and quickly found himself a comfortable chair to wait out my gawking.

I also got to revisit Homestead and Friends, a store I visited years ago with Jeanetta.

 This lampshade was my favorite - love the inside-out quality.

 I also loved the skirt/shade - how fun!

Their collection of odds and ends, industrial and precious is amazing. The "white rooms" are my favorite and held some of my favorite pieces.

Including their ceilings - beams, painted wood, industrial lighitng - I loved it all!
If was designing a house, this is how the ceilings would look for sure.

So that is the last little bit of our trip that I just had to share.
Thanks for sticking it out with me - I guess it is a little like being invited over to watch someones home movies huh?


  1. Those stores look amazing. I feel like I would be happy with one of everything. :)

  2. If that fabric store was in Fredericksburg, then I have been there and LOVE it! Did you go to Der Kuchen Laden? That is another of my favorites!

  3. Looks like a fun time...Also LOVE that frayed burlap lampshade!

  4. Thank you for the heads up. Fredricksburg looks like a great place to visit.

  5. So behind on my blog reading. SO super glad you loved Red. When we walked in, B and I both said 'Jerusalem would love this place!'

  6. The shop is just adorable i love those beautiful items hanging and scattered. Buying such item is good if our wallet allows it as it is considered personal investing.


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