Saturday, March 05, 2011

my batteries are dead

In my camera. And I am being lazy and do not feel like going and getting new ones. Yet.
 So here are a few random things for this Saturday.

First of all I miss my babies. Where did they go? Right now I have bigish boys who are outside helping Sweet Man work on my car.

 Look at that sweet face.
So hard to believe the glaring I got this morning when I was giving proper dishwasher loading instructions came from this sweet face.


Next, tonight I get to go hear Sweet Man's band play. I don't get to go hear them often due to things like kids and work and our recent 1 car situation. But tonight I get to go with some great friends to hear them play at a great local place that has AMAZING food. If you live local come check them out!

Finally, here is a picture from March 2007 that I took. 
I love this picture. 
It is amazing to me how much has changed since then and how much this picture still feels like "me."

Does that make sense?

One other aside: My etsy shoppes are all closed down.
The universe sent me a message. I am trying to listen.
I am still going to sell my posters (only) but am trying to decide the best way to do that.
To everyone who has been a customer and supporter I would like to say a HUGE Thank You! 
You have been an amazing and I appreciate you more than you can know!

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