Monday, March 28, 2011

monday make-do and be thankful

Today I am kicking off a new weekly (or bi-weekly depending on how busy life gets) feature called 
Monday Make-Do and Be Thankful
 I was inspired by Heather and her

I am hoping this will be a way to acknowledge the things I DO have instead of focusing on what I don't have, and practicing a grateful heart for them.
Also, I am hoping this will challenge me to use all the things and "someday" projects that I have stuffed in closets and on shelves before I spend my money on something else.
So for the first project we have for our inspiration:
 Pottery Barn's French Wire Hamper.
Adorable. Love it.
Beyond my budget for the forseable future.

 The Jolly Goode version.
Pretty Adorable too I think.
Made from things I had on hand = Very-within my budget.

Old wire locker-room basket painted pink and faded from lots of use since I bought and painted it years ago.
Old cabinet door salvaged from the side of the road.
Suitcase stand painted pink.

Maybe one day I will make a liner for this little impromptu hamper. Maybe a bunch of tea towels I have stuffed in a drawer all stitched together? That could work...maybe that will even be next weeks project!

So that is my Monday Make-Do and Be Thankful project.
Have any projects like this going on at your house?Are you participating in Heather's project too?


  1. Jerusalem! I have one of these vintage hampers that I was going to list on craigslist. I bought it in New Orleans to use in the baby's room but realized it's not going to be too crowded in there as it is. I'm selling it for what I paid for it, $50. Let me know if you are interested!

  2. Your version is just as adorable as the other...your idea to line it will make it even better!
    Stop over to enter a vintage linen giveaway!

  3. that wire basket is awesome...I love it...super creative!!!

  4. Awesome! I used to have an old hamper when I was a kid, not sure where it is now. I'll check my mom's storage for ya. Love this idea!

  5. i've been dreaming of that basket from pb for what feels like forever too, but i love what you created so, so, so much more! your version is so much happier and has my mind spinning with ideas to create my own. that's my fave part. :) thanks for linking up!


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