Thursday, March 24, 2011

just a pond skip away

 Sometimes one receives just the loveliest surprises in the mail.
Like this amazing package full of lovely British treasures sent to me from my reader Penny.
Penny is also my sister Jemimah's friend as well as a blog fan and she knows how much I adore all things English. When we came home from SA there was this amazing box waiting on my filled to the brim with treasures!

 As cute as all the "Keep Calm and...." copies and spin-offs are, I still love the original the most, so this magnet is perfect. As are the adorable Cath Kidston like napkins, the key chain, and the magnet, the book ends...And the great pencils -charcoal and colored- that are wrapped in newsprint. They are my new favs and I have the charcoal ones stashed everywhere for quick access.

Penny also sent me a great Cath Kidston Catalog (covet,covet) and a great new catalog I had never heard of called Not On the High Street which is filled with the most adorable items. It reminds me of a Lillian Vernon catalog only British and more modern and frankly, cuter. Wish they would come to the US - I would buy their goodies!

Since I was sick for so long and now the kids are gone to my parents for Spring Break I have not had the chance to use any of the food products she sent. And I have to admit I am not exactly sure what to make with Black Treacle and Golden Syrup.  Any suggestions dear English readers? Also, what do you put in your Irish Porridge?  Butter and sugar like in my oatmeal? Do you use it in any other recipes like cookies?
Please send me your ideas - I am anxious to try these all out.

Thanks again Penny - I love it all.


  1. Treacle tarts? Like they eat at Hogwarts?

  2. You probably do not want to know how long it took me to figure out that bookend was not trying to convince me to throw away my deodorant. Because B.O is OK.

    Nice loot box, great friend!

  3. I like to have my porridge with a big dollop of Golden Syrup in it. Yum. Or how about flapjacks to use those Oats & Syrup? Enjoy your goodies. x

  4. What a fabulous surprise package to receive! Enjoy!

  5. Where did she get those napkins?!!! I NEEEEEED them!

  6. What a great care package! I SO wish I could go to England. Did you know Cath Kidston has a USA website and catalog now? I adore her.

  7. we put the Lyle's golden syrup on toast--like honey!! Enjoy!

  8. What a sweet care package!
    I think "Irish" porridge oats may just be the steel-cut variety -- they've got a great texture but they take a half-hour to cook. I've been told that traditionally, the Irish cook their porridge in milk and the Scots eat theirs with butter and salt. I've tried and liked both ways, but my favorite way to fix steel-cut oats is to toast them in butter and cinnamon first, right in the saucepan, then simmer them with raisins or other dried fruit and finish with honey (or, sure, Golden Syrup!).
    I found your blog via a link and I've been enjoying the pictures of your lovely home.


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