Sunday, March 13, 2011

home is where he is

Sweet Man and I just returned home from a little 4 day getaway with some friends.
I have lots to share but for now I am going to go love on my boys whom I missed bunches.
But I before I do that I had to share this photo of Sweet Man looking sassy in his new hat. I think he got in touch with his inner something when he bought this hat.
I love it and I love him - especially because he gets me even when I don't get myself.
I am truly at home as long as I am with him.

More on the getaway, Lent, inspiration, how I plan to spend spring break and more coming soon... but first there is some mac-n-cheese and a big fluffy bed calling my name...

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  1. I love the new header picture. Ummmm! Mac and cheese sounds good.


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