Friday, March 25, 2011

he's his own man

 If there is one thing my children do not lack for it is a strong sense of individuality.
They are their own people.
Take Miles for instance.
I dropped both the boys off at my parents for part of Spring Break. As I was getting in my car to leave Miles came out to say goodbye.

Me: Miles whatcha wearing?
Miles: Momma, you know I'm in the Kids FBI. Meme is taking us to the Diamond Mine today. Do you think they need security there? Want to see my FBI moves?

 Okay, now you want to see my ninja moves?

I love this kid. There is never a dull moment with him around. He tugs at my heart strings in his own very unique way. He has a bottomless need for hugs and affirmation and he gives as much or more than he takes.

Life is always moving for him. There is always something to try, do, accomplish, experiment with, tackle, learn, investigate, research, make...

And oh the questions this kid ask:
Momma, is Common Prayer really a way of life?
Did Jesus himself say that there will be a new heaven and earth or is it just in the Bible?
Aunt Juju, don't you know about economics?
Can we go buy tents for the homeless? I have $5 dollars.
Do I have any new fans on Twitter?
Momma I wish I could stay 6 years old forever.

Sometimes I do too buddy, I do too.


  1. gibann10:59 AM

    Kids like miles keep our joy going!

  2. What a cutie--he is quite a thinker!

  3. He'll save the world someday!! What a cute guy!

  4. so cute, my boys are 5 and 3 and I agree, those little kiddos can really have some deep thoughts! I think my youngest is playing in the toilet... gotta run!

  5. Me, too. Six is precious and beautiful and an age I'll miss in my daughter forever.

  6. Oh my I miss this age. I love how his mind is always on the contemplative!!

  7. What a sweetheart, Jerusalem! Little boys... sniff, sniff... :-)

  8. i'm not sure i can express how much i love this...and clearly who is he...and the freedom you've given him.

    oh, this made my morning.


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