Friday, February 11, 2011

we've got mail!

What family couldn't use a little more sweetness in their lives?
A few more kind words
A few more loving wishes
A few more sweet thoughts?
I know ours could.
So I have hatched a plan and called a meeting.

 I made each family member a mail box (using tin ones for the $1 section at Target, some scrapbook paper, stamps and glue,) set out a stack of small note paper, a cup of colored pens and explained the purpose.
For the rest of the month, we are all going to take the time to write each other love notes, I explained.
They can been silly, they can be serious, they can be sweet.
They can be anything but rude or mean.

It has been less than 24 hours and so far, those flags are going up and down so often I am afraid they may not make it through the end of the month without needing to be repaired.
But despite the initial interest, I know how soon we all forget. Lose interest.  Move on.
So, I am curious to see if the novelty will wear off sooner rather than later, or if love, in the end, will prevail.


  1. This is a wonderful idea!
    I am sure your boys will remember all the notes and laughter shared in your loving home. And heck a dollar mailbox is an easy way to make precious memories for all of you. Enjoy;D

    Peace, Donna

  2. Oh, how beautiful! I love your little ideas, and I love that all your boys go along with them... <3

  3. Love this idea. Love you, Nathan, Wylie, & Miles. Put this in the boxes.

  4. what a great idea! to consciously recongnize love within your family....hope you don't mind if i copy it!...

  5. This is really wonderful. I'm sure this will be my favorite Valentine post this year!


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