Tuesday, February 15, 2011

snow critter faith

I thought I was glad to be done with snow days.

And then I got up this morning.

All I wanted to do was sit and read and write and drink coffees and have deep brooding thoughts. Stare at my navel, off into the distance, down into my coffee cup, out the window... For hours. Alone.
Did I suddenly landed back in 1991? With my 16 year old self? What was she doing showing up now?
I blame the snow. When I was 16 I lived in a land of snow and rain and gray skies.
And I was very deep and brooding, full poetry and torment back then.
In the age of Grunge I would have never taken my stuffed animals outside for a snow photo shoot.
What silliness.
What childish behavior.

Luckily I grew up and learned how to have fun.
  Potter is glad too.
And so is Lamby.

And Mitzy was so happy she made Snow Angels for hours on end.

This morning, over at Common Prayer, I read the following
"Shepherd us, Lord, with a faithful heart : and guide us in the way of truth."

I thought again about my 16 year old self. I thought about how faithful God's heart was to me then, and has remained still.  How much I felt his love even when I was being ridciously self-centered, inwardly focused, whiny and filled with faux-angst.
You know, like yesterday.

I am also very grateful that He has - and continues to- guide me in truth. Even when I miss it, His truth is still there. It is still real and it is still just as much for me as it was for David or Jacob or Jospeh.
 And it is often, almost always, unexpected and much less scary than I imagine it to be.
Like the great truth that Being Silly Can Make Your Heart Happy.


  1. Love this honest, real post. Love it. My truth today? His grace is sufficient.

  2. What an absolutely cool post. So nice to be silly and remember the love and faithfulness of God.

  3. Too cute!! I can not believe all the snow you guys have had. I am sure it does remind you of Alaska!


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