Thursday, February 17, 2011

the messy truth

My life, my house, my mothering skills.
They are far from perfect.

This is the view from my bed most nights.
That is my dresser and those are my clothes strewn everywhere..
I have a confession - I kinda like a messy bedroom.
Except when I have company coming of course.

I think it stems from some teenage place deep inside. My dorm room looked like this, as did my room at home through most of my adolescent years. The mess is mostly clothes and books and shoes. It's not empty pizza boxes or trash or other gross things. No, it's just clothes.

I have a dream. My dream is for a huge walk in closet that I can keep messy like this.
Not Oprah size, just big enough for all my clothes plus maybe a narrow bench in the middle and a dresser against the back wall.
I know it is frivilous dream and I would not say that it is a priority by any means.
But maybe someday...

In the meantime, I think I will go ahead and come clean about some other of my imperfections, some other messy truths:

*Confession: I can't seem to get a hold of the reins of my eating habits.
My One Little Change for Febuary is supposed to be tracking what I eat and eating healthier. I did great for a whole week until the snow came and through me off my scheduled, followed by Valentines Day and a slightly stressful week at work. Which meant back to random face stuffing and not-helpful cravings like Fried Okra, followed by days on end of students bringing me cookies and cupcakes and chocolate.
But I am resolved. Febuary is not over yet. I am going to try again today.

*Confession: Last night I let Miles eat 2 lunch size bags of potato chips and a bowl of cereal for dinner.

*Confession: My kids room smells like the zoo on a warm day because all the critter cages are so overdue for a cleaning. I am trying to get the boys to take all of the responsiblity for this chore, but what that really means is that I have to be the Overseer of the chore and we all know that it is harder to tell/watch/monitor kids do their chores than to just do them ourselves. But if I do it for them instead of teaching them they will grow up to be terrible husbands.

*Confession: I told Sweet Man to shut-up in front of the kids the other day.  Not a great moment obviously.
I did apologize later. But still.

So there you have it.
My messy truths. They are what they are.
Thank God for grace.


  1. I am so glad someone else is real! I love your blog, very funny!

  2. Wow! I would go crazy if I woke up to that - sorry!! How about if you put up a bunch of pegs or hooks on the wall? or a shelf unit with baskets? You must have to iron constantly - I wish you could see my facial expression right now, you'd laugh at me...Enjoy your day!

  3. Thank you for posting THIS... I must say I am right THERE with you and now I feel better... Happy Day

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for posting this photo of your chair and the laundry basket on the floor! We just had to move after living in the house for 16 years. My bedroom looked much like yours. I felt so bad that I wasn't more organized to make packing and moving easier. This is truly how I think 80 percent of real homes look. Thanks for helping me feel much better about myself today :).

  5. fantastic! I can often times be looking at photos I see on blogs and think that everyone but me lives in a home that they keep clean, tidy and perfect at all times. I love that you have the humility to share what it is to be human, -that is, imperfect. I really enjoy your blog. With love & kindness.

  6. An honest person with a real life.
    I appreciate your normality.

    I do seem to like to put all my clothes that are only slightly worn on a chair until they pile up and I have a chore of hanging up, folding and laundering.

  7. Oh i love you, my friend!

  8. Wish I could give you a hug, seems like you need one. All of us normal Moms have days, moments and rooms like what you've shared here. We want so much to be perfect, but being human and life, doesn't allow that. I've tried to write this comment several times and just can't find the right words, please know, you are not alone! Wishing you Peace, Donna

  9. Thanks for being so real. My bedroom frequently looks that way too. Right now I have a stack of pictures that need hung on the wall sitting by - they have been there for months. Plus totes, laundry baskets and lots of dust. Love the confessions - I too am eating way too much junk and have said not so nice things to my hubby. You are right - thank God for grace.

  10. i adore this post. I spent the snowdays conquering my terrible closet and the four constant laundry baskets in my bedroom floor. Now, only 4 more clothes closets and a craft closet to go! As for the eating confession: I'm there with you sister ( and Im a registered dietitian!! hows that for confessing?!) I'm reading Lisa Tyrkert's "Made to Crave" and it's really speaking to me. I think you'd enjoy it. BTW - your blog and your IG posts always make me smile. you are such a sweet sweet soul!

  11. Oh, it's SO cleansing to just unload our junk sometimes!

    I don't care what you say though, I still think you're pretty much perfect.

  12. My room looks just like yours. And I'm right there with you on all the rest of those except for the animal critters small enough to live in kid's rooms.

    Isn't it cleansing to be real and just put it all out there? Way to go!


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