Wednesday, February 02, 2011

La Chandeleur

Today is Candlemas on the church calendar., which means that in France it is La Chandeleaur and the devouring of crepes  has begun!

I found this adorable image over at Faites les Sauter- Happiness, Gedane's blog.

Most of the time I attempt to read (as best I can) her post in Français. But every now and then I "google translate" a page just to see how close I am to understanding.
Of course Google doesn't always do much better than me.
Take today's post for exmple:

 here is what Gerdane wrote

La pâte à crêpe c'est tout bête,
mais quand on a pas de tête,
on colle un pense-bête sur le frigo
et 4 3 2 1 c'est parti pour des crêpes

here is what Google translate said she wrote

The batter is all stupid
but when you have no head
you stick a reminder on the fridge
4 3 2 1 and we go for pancakes

Pretty sure that is not exactly what she said, but it made for a good laugh to start this day.


  1. Haha fantastic! Good old google! <3

  2. I love that translation!


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