Thursday, February 03, 2011

just where I am today

To put a seed in the earth is to be a mother.
To feed a bird on snowy days is to be a host to God.
-joan walsh anglund

Yesterday was filled with highs and lows.
It was filled with mercy. It was filled with anger.
It was filled with love. It was filled with fear.
It was filled with hope. It was filled with disappointment.
It was filled with joy. It was filled with exhuastion.
Yesterday was filled.
Yesterday I watched my boys serve Sweet Man's yummy homemade food to some of our homeless neighboors at the Warming Center.

Miles became known as the Muffin Man because he went person to person with a bowl of muffins (and then cookies when he ran out of muffins) all night. He wove in and out of tables filled with strangers who looked different, smelled different and sometimes talked different,  offering up his bowl, looking into their eyes, speaking kindly.
After we left, when I asked Wylie what he thought of the evening he replied  "My heart is dancing. Or maybe it is the Dr. Pepper I just drank. But I know my heart is growing bigger just like the Grinchs did! And I made a friend named Edward. I think I will always remember him and his name even if I do not always remember his face."

Most of what happened yesterday will crumble away in time.
A year from now whatever anger, fear, disappointment and exhustion I felt yesterday, will not even register in my memory.  But what my children did yesterday, the kindness they showed to those Not Like them, that I will hide in my heart forever. 


  1. this was an excellent post. thanks for sharing. and wylie's reply was just beautiful.

  2. This was beautiful. What great kids you are making.

  3. What a wonderful gift to my grandsons! I am speechless with pride and admiration.


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