Monday, February 28, 2011

from the archives: yarncakes

 This is how I felt for most of the weekend.
A little off kilter. A little sideways with myself.
Bitter Discontent tried to make her home in my heart.
For a while I let her in, offered her some coffee and a cookie. Listen to what she had to say.
But she is very demanding and soon I could see all she was doing was crowding out Love, Joy and Hope.
And despite my ungrateful thoughts and attititude at that moment, I really do like having Love, Joy and Hope around.. So I showed Bitter Discontent the door.
But I was still a little sideways.

 The point of all that is to say I didn't get half any of the projects done this weekend that I intended to. And I didn't take a single picture to post. So today we are pulling from the archives to find a little inspiration.
2007 to be exact.

Over the years of having an Etsy site and small local shoppe for a while I have found that some of my personal favorite creations are not always the best sellers. They often get rave reviews but no one really buys them. I am sure there is a very solid and studied reason for this, but I don't really want to know what it is (see why I am not a great business person in this area?) I just know it is true.
  YarnCakes are a prime example of this.  I just love this little collection of embellished yarn balls all nestled together in a cupcake tin. I think this was a Spring/Easter project.Everyone thought YarnCakes were adorable, but few sold.

Maybe this is idea was better as a craft project than a retail item?
If you want to make your own YarnCakes all you need is a bunch of yarn - thrifted, new, etc.
Some buttons
Some pearl-ended straight pins
Some fluffy Easter Chicks
a Cup Cake Tin
and a little bit of Easter Grass
and hot glue 
I would watch tv and turn my yarn into balls of various sizes. 
Then you just attach the buttons using the straight pins
Next hot glue (a little dab will do ya) your Easter Chick onto a few of the bigger yarn balls.
Next, nestle everything together in the tin, adding Easter Grass as you go.

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  1. I pray your day gets sweeter with sunshine in your heart! May there be an extra special burst of joy in your life this week :-) Those are sooo sweet and I am wishing I did not get rid of all my yard! My kiddos would have a blast with these, great craft idea... I may just have to buy some more yarn!
    warm hugs


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