Saturday, February 12, 2011

the couch adventures continue

 In May I bought an adorable vintage green velvet couch.
I loved it. Sadly my family did not. Well, specifically Sweet Man did not. He was neither comfortable on the green couch or in the adorable white chairs.  And since I can count on 1 hand the times he has complained about anything decor wise in our 14 years of marriage, I try to listen when he does in fact have an opinon.
Sadly the FEP did not allow for another couch purchase anytime soon. 
But never fear, the dynamo twin duo, and my old pals,  Lori & Shari came to the rescue! This December, Lori got married and no longer needed her 2 leather club chairs. So she gave them to her twin sis Shari, who in turn bequeathed her kaki couch, that I have loved for years, to me.  I in turn sold the green couch to Christen, where if needed, I can visit it from time to time.
Confused? Me too!
But the gist is this. I have a new (to me) couch and Sweet Man loves it. It is soft and deep and comfy.
I of course am dreaming of custom slipcovers in red, pink and white (I think my mother just fainted at the thought.) But for now I am happy with it because it is super perfect  to all snuggle up on together.

Also, it passes the  Miles test as well.

See instructions below:

 Step on every piece of furniture you can to get to the final one.

Get into prime position.

Ready! Aim! Fall!

Land in a mushy pile of pillows. Butterflies in your tummy.

 Prepare to attack from the side.

Take a break and readjust britches.
Repeat process 20 times.

Isn't the best furniture for climbing on after all?


  1. Ahhhhh...Childhood.
    I think I know where he gets it- YOU are fun! I love all of the trading.:)

  2. So loving that the new couch passed the best test I never heard of before. sweet...Remembering when my son did what he called timbering on our couch. At 13 and 5'6" tall, his couch jumping days are behind him. Thanks for sharing, Donna

  3. Whereas Miles flops, Wylie jumped on every piece of furniture.

  4. That is adorable! Wish I could do that, if I did, I'd break the sofa! lol Happy Valentines weekend!

  5. Speaking of sofas (my father still calls them "chesterfields" ah, the English) I have been deeply, madly, truly in love with "Carlyle" since you first introduced me to him a while back.

    I. Am. Obsessed.

    Just sayin'

  6. oh any congrats on the squishy one. they are the best.

  7. What a blessing. I'll be eager to see the red, pink, and white, too.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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