Friday, February 04, 2011


The snow is coming down.
We are home again.
Perfect timing.
Just wish those blessed children of mine, who so sweetly served cookies to the homeless just 2 days ago, would stop fighting over the Lego's. 
Fighting children annoy me almost more than anything.
Maybe I should throw them alway.

The Lego's. Not the children.
(Had you fooled for a minute didn't I?)


  1. ha. we have been having some lego wars here. of the "little brother keeps messing them up" variety.

    saw your print on whatever this morning. it is really great.

    have a lovely weekend!

  2. Wow. That's what's going on here too! I hear "He can't do that!" Don't touch my Legos, don't mix up those sets... I'll toss mine if you toss yours. :)


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