Monday, January 17, 2011

a perfect saturday

last weekend, before the snow came, we went to the country to stay with friends.
but for lunch we drove into town for lunch -Green Cart Deli style.

Jeanetta had raved and raved about these yummy dogs, so we got online, figured out where they were going to be that day and headed to town.

None of us were disappointed. Those are some good dogs.
If you live in Central Arkansas or are visiting anytime soon, sign up for Green Cart Deli's twitter feed so you can visit them too! I promise, these are not your local ballpark dogs.
This fella here, despite his initial skepticism may have had 2 or 3 or maybe more... But he's not tellin.

We were doubly lucky that day because  Green Cart Deli was set up in the little park downtown.

This was perfect for all the kids - they had a grand time climbing and playing on the train car that is parked there.
And eating their lunch there as well.
Rumor has it that after the mom's left to go do some shopping, the kids tried to all get in the fountain.

Thank goodness for the dads!

 I had fun playing with my camera on such a beautiful sunny day. Taking lots of pictures of different shapes, colors and angles.
And the sky was so amazingly blue.
You would never have guessed snow was only hours away.

 If you live in Arkansas and you know some kids that live and breathe trains you need to go here and vote for today for Arkansas to win an Union Pacific excursion featuring one of their historic steam giants.  
You could make tons of kids (big and small) very happy with just one click of your mouse.

Conway had recently hosted an Arts Fest downtown and there was still evidence of it here and there.
 My favorites were the crochet arms of the park benches.

What a great day.


  1. Penny6:02 PM

    There's a story behind those knitted/crocheted-covered park bench arms, but I can't remember now for the life of me what it is. Seems like I read somewhere where it's a cross-country project - getting people to place knitted/crocheted coverings in public places. Anyone else read about this?


  2. Great pictures. You can't beat a clear blue sky for a background.

  3. Really enjoyed your photographs. The crocheted arms of park benches, bight blue skies, and your smiling boys made this cold New Englander gave me a much needed lift! Thanks for sharing,

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Maybe we need to visit Arkansas. It's not too far from SW Missouri.


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