Thursday, January 13, 2011

nifty gifty

For Christmas my boys and my Sweet Man got me the docking station I subtly obnoxiously hinted for.
The only problem with this lovely gift was that my phone would not "dock" properly with the Otterbox Defender case on.
And I promise you, I need this particular case. My history with phones is not great.
So after a lot of searching I found this nifty, ridcoulously overpriced-for-the-size gadget.
(if you are looking for the same sort of product and this one is not in-stock, have paitence, it seems to be sold out and restocked fairly quickly!)
And I am happy to say that it works great, solved the problem perfectly and now I can enjoy my tunes while all snug in the bed,  charge my phone battery, and use it as an alarm clock.
How is that for streamlining things in 2011?

Here are a few more Christmas gift favs:

Jeanetta gave me this. She works in a library and is always scoring the best books for me in their booksale.
She knew I would love the cookbook part, but what she was really sure of is that I would adore the cover.
And I do.
I am actually trying to figure out if I can get a high enough scan of it to blow it up movie poster size and frame it in my kitchen.
How cute would that be?
You know would be even better? If she would paint it for me... hint, hint...

My very talented and amazingly creative friend Sarabeth made this for me.
I think she has come up with the most perfect defenition for the word CRAFTY

"an amaingly resourcelful, thrifty and handy version of the artisitc soul."

I could almost get that tatooed on my forhead I love it so much.

This book came from my Nana.
I love it because it is fill in the blank.
I love it because it came from her.
I love it because I will be able to pass it down.


This is a beautiful necklace from Amy.
It is 2 sided and the other side features a great Shakespear quote.
But to tell you the truth, this is my favorite of the 2.
Seems sort of perfect for the Brave year doesn't it?

And that is just a few of the lovely and beautiful gifts I received.
I am blown away by how well those I love, love and know me.
It is pretty swell actually.


  1. Good idea for the docking stations as i allways have to take my case off wich dosnt come off easily.

  2. THat cookbook cover is beautiful. Cool gifts.

  3. Score!! I love the idea of that cover as a poster.


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