Friday, January 28, 2011

it's a family thing

All my mother wanted for Christmas was for all her children to go to church with her and for us to have family photo's taken.

Luckily I have 2 professional photographers for sisters.
Judea (seated in the middle) and Jemimah (on the end)
And they are both amazingly talented, and so very different.

Jemimah drew the short straw and got this years family photo assignment.
She did such a great job and the made the whole shoot so much fun, that you can't tell by looking at the pictures that we were all FREEZING cold!

The ones of Sweet Man and I are maybe my very favorites. I ordered copies of all these photos, and the 2 prints of us are going in our bedroom.

I'm a lucky girl.

Jemimah lives in Texas and is happy to travel for shoots, including Arkansas. Her specialty is families. Visit her website here:

Judea lives in Fayetville and she travels too. Her specialty is Editorial, Fashion, & Bands.
Visit her website here:


  1. Oh My! The first shot makes me laugh. This is truly what it looks like before I get started posing. I love taking that shot where everyone is not paying attention and the kids are acting up. Hahaha. Thats real. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes! The way you are standing and both of you are looking so coyly at each other in the black and white is so cute! And I love the hint of pink I can see in the color one. Your whole family is awesome and I am glad to know them! These will look great hanging on your walls!

  3. You two are a beautiful couple!

  4. oh my, i love these. great photos.

  5. What a creative family! Those are SUCH awesome shots of you & your family!

  6. You are so flippin' pretty! And what a handsome couple you make!

  7. Love these. Can't wait to see them on your wall...


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