Wednesday, January 12, 2011

city girl, country boy

 This fall I developed a serious addiction to House Hunters International on HGTV.
I have to confess that I prefer the European episodes and I tend to delete anything even remotely tropical before even watching.
It's just that while I would love to visit Costa Rica if offered a free ticket, it is not what tickles my imagination.

A favorite recent episode was filmed in Norway (you can watch it online here)
I am embarresed to say that I had never paid any attention to Norway design in particular. Scandinavia style overall, yes, love it, big fan.
But Norway specifically? Nope.
Oh, how little I knew.

I am head overheels in love with traditional Norwegian homes. I love all the little extra details. The way the wood siding may run in different dirrections on different parts of the house.
The thick window moldings.
The deep overhangs on the roofs.
 The wooden slat ceilings inside.

When I googled  images of Norwegian homes, I found this adorable B&B in Petersburg, Alaska, near where I grew up.
If Sweet Man and I ever make it back we may have to leave the kids in Juneau with friends and take a ferry ride down the Channel for a stay here.

Another reason big white farmhouses are on my mind is because my husband has been bitten by the life-in-the-country bug.
We stayed with friends this weekend who live in the country, and my Sweet Man was transformed.
He grew up as a country boy and has patiently lived with me in the city for 14 years.
He has moved with me to progressively older houses in older neighborhoods and has been extreemly good natured about it.

 But the truth is - and I think we both realized this at the same time this weekend- he really loves the country.
The country makes his heart happy, which is so good for him, which of course is very good for us as a family.

I know the saying is "if the mama ain't happy..." but I think the same is true for the papa too.

So the discussion and the hunt is on.
We are looking at land. Close enough to town, woody enough for him, meadow-y enough for me.

Will we build a house? Move a house? Find the house already on land?
(My only request for this possible change in address is that I get the house in the bargain.)

Today The Nester asked on her blog what we are all currently browsing for.
Me, I am browsing for land (a little) and inspiration pictures of Farmhouses (Norwegian inspired especially) inside and out (a lot.)

(my all-time favorite, the River House from Midwest of Cannon Falls0

With our plans to grow our family more room inside and out would be great.
The boys are already having a blast checking out potential areas and stomping around in the woods.

I have no idea where this dream will lead us, or how long it will take, or what hills and valleys we may encounter on the road ,  but I do know that I am up for the adventure and I am so grateful for my Sweet Man and his desire to share his dream with me.

one last note - I had to give a big thanks and shout out to the following bloggers for sending readers my way this week! their sweet blog mentions were the cherries-on-top of my wonderful snow days.

So go check out their blogs and tell them I sent you!
Amy B


  1. That is such great news!! What an incredible journey you are about to begin. And we get to tag along and go house-shopping with you! ;-)

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    wow, how exciting for your family. i am a country girls too and live in the same country village that my parents and grandparents grew up in... but we long to be further in the country... my husband wants land and the kids are on board too. we are looking for THE spot... i look forward to follwing along on your pursuit!

  3. Just not TOO FAR OUT in the country, ok? Thanks.

  4. That's awesome, chica! And even more amazing is that you & Nate are a true parternship & recognize how important it is for you both to be happy to foster a happy & healthy family.

    I love you guys. Truly & honestly.

  5. How very exciting for you! The country is the only other place I would consider moving. I love my Village but still feel that little pull in my heart to the country! I will watch your dreams unfold excitedly.

    P.S. Did you hear from my contest winner? I never did so I wanted to make sure.

  6. How exciting! I like living in my charming town, but sometimes yearn for a farmhouse and barns in the country. I will be tagging along on your new journey...hope you don't mind!
    BTW...I am obsessed with (European shows) HHI too. I'm itching to go to Slovenia after seeing some of those episodes. I also ADORE Norwegian style...ever since I started reading Britt Arnhild's blog.


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