Tuesday, January 11, 2011

and the snow came down

 Arkansas gets maybe one good snow a year.
If we are lucky. And when the snow does show up, you can hear the school children singing the  Hallelujah chorus from miles around, because the arrival of snow shuts everything down around here. I can't say I mind.
I love a snow day or 2 myself. I did grow up in Alaska after all.

Yesterday was the first full snow day and the boys took advantage of it.
I would have been irritated at the number of times I had to help them get in and out of their wet clothes, hats, scarves and gloves (as we don't ski and therefore have no appropriate cold weather gear,)  but each time they went out, they stayed a little longer and played a little harder.

They built tiny snowmen (this is Wylie's)

 With chocolate chips for eyes and bits of Clementine peel for the nose
(this is Miles')

He was so proud of his snowman and even more excited to see that it was still standing this morning.
Oh we will mourn the day they melt...

This is Wylie doing his "Narnia" pose with our Lamp Post.

 After that the snowball fight begin and continued intermittently all day.

 See that gleem in his eye? Yep, I got pellted myself after taking this picture.

And now you have seen the truth.
My Christmas decorations are not down yet. Not outside, not inside.
Maybe they will come down today...Maybe this weekend.

But in the meantime, the porch sure does look pretty covered in a big white fluffy blanket of snow don't you think?


  1. so jealous! seems that wherever we go the snow seems to come behind us :( i haven't taken down my decorations either! lol! and thats sad considering i have only a few. oh well!

  2. So cute. Wondered if we would see pics of the boys in the snow. The snowmen are wonderful. Love them.

  3. We live in Bentonville. We are enjoying the the snow day, here. Found you through Flower Patch Farm Girl. Your blog is a joy:-)

  4. Should have called you guys for the snowball war that was going on here yesterday. I'm glad you didn't have your porch decorations in yet, the snow makes them look so festive! :)

  5. pam in oregon2:39 PM

    I think all of your friends and neighbors ill be sorry that they didn't leave up their Christmas decorations too!

    I love how freshly fallen snow transforms and makes beautiful our usual, everyday landscape. So pretty!

  6. I'm so jealous! It hardly ever snows here!

  7. Just discovered your blog~ so cute!! It is snowing here right now....but they say it will be rain by the a.m. I hope not~ I'm a teacher and I reallllllyyyyy want a snow day tomorrow!!! ;-)


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