Saturday, October 30, 2010

bites of reality

There is a great reason why I am not trying to make my living off  making party craft/decoration items anymore, and yesterday I was reminded of  why.
Let's face it  people. Wal-Mart has me beat.
For less than $6 I was able to purchase a fair amount of absolutely adorable napkins, cupcake papers and party picks (from Wilton.)
Who can compete with that?
You should have seen the adorable banners they had for $3-$5. I mean seriously.
For the record, I do not begrudge them at all. And I happily bought their picks and napkin.

I will pair them with homemade banners and other vintage and thrifted/restored decorations, and put together a ghoulish table setting even a time-stressed-Mummy could love, and on a budget The FEP can afford.
And right now, that is worth the trade.

Of course if Wilton wants to hire me to design cupcake picks, well that would be a whole 'nother story...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Party in the House

I had never heard of until I read about the chance to host a party in an email from Shutterfly.
I am sort of amazed that I even opened the Shutterfly email at all, except that somewhere the words FREE and PARTY HOST must have been very prominent. You know I am a sucker for both.
Long story short, I submitted my application to be a hostess for the Shutterfly Making Spirits Brighter Party and they picked me! 
This week I received my bag of free goodies to give to my party guest, and now I have to start thinking up cute photo-themed decorations and treats...
Any ideas?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


ok confession. I played Christmas music while I cleaned house tonight.
I just couldn't help myself.
I needed some Sara and I just couldn't wait any longer.

Her Christmas album is one of those works of art that just centers me.
I find myself in the lyrics, in the cadence, in the melodies.

 sometimes it is good to feel understood.
sometimes a simple song written by a perfect stranger does just that.

in other news look at the cool locker basket I found on my lunch-time-walk today.
it was just sitting in a plot of overgrown grass on the curb.
now, what will I do with it?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i just can't get away from color

No matter what I do.
I just love color so much.
It rocks my world, makes my heart sing and lightens my mood.
I could try to love calm, serene, neutral colors. 
But seriously. Can you even imagine?

Now that is something to think about....

Monday, October 25, 2010

christmas bells are ringing

 in my mind...

I think this year I would prefer to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and get right to Christmas.
I could use a little Christmas in my life right now.
Here are some Christmas items I am loving right now.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not Your Grandma's Attic

Today I had the pleasure of visiting my old haunt, The Shoppes on Woodlawn, for an Attic Sale

It was a great day and I actually did pretty well considering I litterally threw things together last night, pulling out all craft supplies, decor objects, odds and ends and old Storia HOME items

The weather was perfect, I marked things to SELL,

The customer traffic was steady

& I had a great book to keep me company

The big sellers were my craft supplies and small linens.

I am planning to attend another Attic Sale in the spring especially since most of my banners and dangles are spring & summer themed. 

Also I am thinking by then I can clean out a few more closets and bins...

Thanks to everyone who came out and shopped! The FEP Fund thanks you!

Friday, October 22, 2010

One Day Only

I will be at The Shoppes on Woodlawn's Attic Sale tomrrow from 8-2 selling Vintage goodies, leftover Banners and Decor items from past years collections, and lots of crafting supplies!

Prices will be rock-bottom low, so if you live near by come see me!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Laundry & Winners

So I just realized that in all the craziness of the magazine shoot and everything else I forgot to announce the winners of my 2 Birthday Giveaways!
So I had my boys each pick a winner and they are:
for the  DIY Garland Kit is : Sherry from Alabama 
she said...
I love them all, but I believe I would prefer the B*E*L*I*E*V*E garland. :) What a generous way you have of celebrating your birthday week
. Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

for the Book
unexpected Necessities said...Happy Happy Day to you!! Please count me in!

Ladies, email me at jerusalemgreer (at) gmail (dot) com with your info and I will get these out to you!! Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes!

One of the byproducts of getting ready for the magazine shoot was that we finally paid a little attention to the laundry room.

This poor room has never been shown any love, as it has always been waiting to be turned into another bathroom.

Sometimes it is just best to live in the present and let the dream go.
If it comes to be anyway, then great. But sometimes you just have to move on & move in to reality.

So I spruced up the laundry room, using leftovers from a variety of other projects.
 Such as this garland from a wedding I helped with in May.

Chalk board from the office, lamp from the old shoppe pile of "to do" projects.

Paint from the dining room, hardware I found stuffed in a drawer. Not even sure what I bought it for.

mirror from the bedroom, curtains from the fabric closet..
Sweet Man made a shelf out of left-over lumber

It is amazing how much more laundry we get done now that we actually like the room.
Both Sweet Man and I find that we are more likely to do a load or 2 every day or so, rather than letting it pile up.
Not that it still won't from time to time. 
But it does help to like the space and to place some value on it other than "that room where we dump stuff."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

now this is how you do it southern style

I love living in the south.
I know I have said it before.
I will say it again.
And I have lived all over the country so I feel somewhat qualified to speak of this in this manner.
Yes there are a lot of problems.
Yes there is some really messy history.
Yes we have issues.
Yes we are weird.

But good golly we are not boring.
We are not bland.
We are not white toast and milk. 

No sir. We are not boring.

We are pink porches 

We are loud and awkward and warm and friendly and fiery and crass and sweet as sugar,

We are a patchwork of a million colorful parts, ripped and sewn back together

Oh, and we eat okra. On our pink porches.

This is my new favorite way. Roasted Okra a'la Alison

 Heat your oven to 425 or 450 depending on how strong it works.
Next, cut your Okra up into1/4-1/2" slices.

Coat a cookie sheet with a thin layer of olive oil, then spread your sliced okra out on the pan. 
Next, brush a little bit more olive oil on top of the okra.

 Sprinkle heavily (or to taste) with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.
Bake for 20-30 minutes until crispy, turning over once at about 10-15 minutes in.

 Add a little more salt if you are an addict like me and serve.
Goes great with chargrilled chicken and sauteed yellow squash and onions.

 Eat on a back porch with some silly boys.

I promise it will taste even better with the right company.

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