Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Pretties

I was a little later getting Easter down this year. I just didn't "feel it" till after we got home from camping during Spring Break, and then, during a wave of Spring Cleaning, I was inspired to bring my few Easter goodies down...

So here they are:
My mantle- I didn't really have a plan, it just sort of happened... The look I was "going for" - if any - was Happy.

New "vintage" Easter Cards bought on sale  for 50cents at Micheal's.

Little paper mache chicka-dee box on the piano. 

Easter Tree - also on the Piano. I let Miles decorate this all by himself. He did a pretty great job spredding things out don't you think?

Dining Room Table centerpiece - Nest all  together.

This is a real nest that I added some "grass" and vintage flowers and  a few little eggs to it.

This is a little nest I bought and a little tag I made, inspired by Jeanetta

Here are my authentic vintage Easter cards pinned to some grosgrain ribbon and hanging on a mirror in the living room.

The china hutch all lit up

A new little bunny for the china hutch

So there is my little Show-n-Tell for Easter/Spring decor - hope you enjoyed or were inspired a little!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Season of Second Chances and a GIVEAWAY

Recently I was contacted by the lovely Evelyn from Interpersonal Frequency LLC and was asked if I would be interested in reading an advance copy this: The Season of Second Chances, by Diane Meier

Monday, March 29, 2010

spring break goodies #1

I didn't do just a ton of antique/thrift/flea market shopping during Spring Break, but I did a little. And what I did do was great, here are a few of my finds...

Lot's of the things I found had a "blue" or "sewing" theme. 
I found a great oval embroidery hoop, a great aqua wooden box and a red tape measure.

I also I found this precious itty bitty pin cushion pillow. I just thought it was so cute and adorable that I had to have it. I have found myself collecting little pin cushions lately, not sure why...

I also found these oversized blue buttons - I could not pass them up. Have no idea what I will use them for, but isn't that half the fun of getting something like this?

Next I found this great French Stripe towel material at a quilting shoppe in Mt. View. I have never seen this exact material before and I am head over heals. I keep thinking of places I could use it and other ways I could use it. I mean it is pretty much burlap and red ticking together at last. So great!

I immediately came home and laid it out on my dining room table. Oh, swoony!

Also, as a side note, when I went to put up this post I noticed Blogger has a whole new look and format for blogging which allows you to make your pictures XL, which I did.
Can you tell? What do you think?

Friday, March 26, 2010

almost over and just beginning

Spring Break is almost over, but Spring itself
has just begun...
Wonder what newness it will bring?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Those No. 1 Ladies

If you have not watched this series yet, get on Netflix and order it up!

It is an Africa you have probably never seen, or at least I hadn't.
I now want to move to Botswana. Tomorrow.

The acting is wonderful, the characters adorable.

The colors vibrant and alive, and the stories delightful.

And the decor amazing. I wish I could find pictures of all the colorful refrigerators every house seems to have. No stainless or clinical white for them!
And they use chalkboards! So you know I am a fan of that...

Of course, as with almost every show I fall in-love with,
there seems to only be one season.

But it is a season well worth watching, if not owning to watch over and over.

I have written my letters to HBO, pleading for the return of this great show.

And there are rumors of the a Season 2 somewhere out there in the universe.

But until then we will just have to wait. And cross our fingers and our toes.

And enjoy what little bit of this gem we have.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

camping scrapbook spring break 2010

when this is the very first picture you take on a vacation trip you should probably be leery of what is ahead.

but we are not that easily deterred.

no, we forge ahead instead!
despite an early visit from "Aunt Flo."
despite 35 degree raining cats and dogs weather.
despite catching a cold.
despite, despite, despite.

instead, we handled it like the king would have wanted.
with style.

and pie. the best pie ever.

thank goodness for pop-up campers and lots of warm blankets.

and for lots of books and games on hand.

and more blankets.

and fresh fruit so that we did not get scurvy.

and for heat. at the 4th store we tried.

and indoor activities.

like museums and flea markets.
and wal-mart.

and for a great camp-site that delivered firewood right to our door.

and so despite the rain, we carried on.

in style.

and we took walks to warm up.

and found the beauty in the land around us.

and we drank a lot of coffee.
thank goodness for the constant drip of the electric pot!

and we ate a lot of bacon.
because bacon makes everything better.

and then.
and then the sun came out.

and we caught fish.

and everything was shiny and beautiful.

and then it was time to clean-up and go home.

which was met with mixed emotions.

next year: beach camping.
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