Sunday, February 28, 2010

that time again

to start dreaming of re-doing our back patio/porch
of eating and entertaining out back
of lazy days, reading and napping in my swing...

here are some of my favorite inspiration pictures

(Country Home )

(House to Home)

(Country Living)

(Country Living)

(Country Living)

Friday, February 26, 2010

this and that

here are some odds and ends I have been meaning to share...

this semester I decided that I needed to teach my 6th grade students how to stitch a stitch and sew a button. I thought simple embroidery on tea towels would be the best way to start, and of course I had to then create an example piece to show them.

basic, simple and too the point.
this was one of the most fun projects I did with my kids and I can't wait to do it with another group next semester!

Did you see this cute little Salt-n-Pepper set at Target in the $2.50 section?
Couldn't resist these lovebirds for spring!

last week when I got back from Dallas I was sick.
apparently I had too much fun and caught a cold!
my cocktail of choice when I am sick was accidentally captured above when I was taking pictures for this post, so I thought I would include it.

Jerusalem's Cold Curing Cocktail

Mix Equal Parts Pink Grapefruit Juice & Sprite Zero
w/1 Tablet of Grapefruit Flavored Airbourne,
Over Ice.

And finally, meet Mitzi Mouse.
A little friend that stole home in my bag from Ikea.
Isn't she so cute?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

blue table

Recently Jeanetta and I traded dining tables.
I needed one that was long and more narrow.
She needed one that was slightly shorter and wider.
Always thrift-minded, we hatch the perfect scheme - TRADE!

This is the table I got. Only it was originally black. And it looked great. It was a lovely table just as it was. But it wasn't me, it wasn't our house.

During our recent snow storm I spent a whole day painting everything that would stand still - including this table.

The color is called Always Aqua and I got it in Kilz base at Wal-Mart.

Of course adding one new piece of furniture to a room in my house is like pulling a thread on a sweater - it starts a chain reaction.
So lots of things have now moved or are in the process of moving
(long bench now in dining room, moved dining room curtains to living room, used old duvet cut in half as current curtains in dining room - plan on adding and "finishing" those, ya know, "someday...")

I am still on undecided on the red walls - leave 'em or change 'em - but for now I have had all the painting I can stand....
Until the next snow day (next year?)

Monday, February 22, 2010

hook up

During our recent snow days I got a lot of house projects finished.
Mostly things that needed painting, like this shelf.
I painted it and Sweet Man hung it up in my studio.

I loved having the shelf to prop all my little pals on, but I couldn't figure out what to do with the hanging bar until I thought of these shower hooks I had stashed away.

Voila! They hooked perfectly over the bar and now I can hang all sorts of odds and ends on them, easy peasy.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

mommas new pretties

so remember last weekend when I went to the big D?
and remember how I didn't come home with any big purchases?
Well, that doesn't mean I didn't sneak some actual shopping in for some little purchases!

below are a few favs that I just had to share

On my annual Tour d'Dallas I always hit the following places:
World Market
Super Target
as many Ross's as I can (this trip it was only 3)

these are my purchases from Anthro which I was ecstatic about because 1) they are adorable and just the sort of thing you go to Anthro to purchase and 2) they were all on CLEARANCE (my favorite brand of all!)

Don't you love that hat?? It is crochet but it has a frame to it so isn't totally floppy.

I have big plans for it this spring.

I also found these great pulls for our bedroom armoire.
Only I only got 2 and I really needed 4. Whoops.
Guess I will have to do some mixing & matching.
Oh well!

and finally here is the precious Wash + Sew travel kit.
I just could not pass it by.
It came with 2 sets of soaps. One set I am going to use in the bathroom (maybe) and the other set I am keeping in the travel kit in my purse.
With one set of soaps out of the bag, I have extra room for other "travel" items.
I am thinking I should put some Advil & Lip gloss in the kit too.
What would you put?

The last store we stopped at was the Ross in Rock Wall on the way home.
Up to that point I had not seen a single pair of shoes that I liked anywhere.
Not that I was shopping for shoes, I wasn't really, but a girl has to at least look.

But then at the very last store, what do you know but these just jumped off the shelf and onto my feet and I was smitten.
And only for $13.99.

And sitting right next to them were these beauties. I am pretty sure no shoe in America has ever screamed "Jerusalem" more than these.
And they are comfortable. Walking on a cloud comfortable.
And they were only 12.99.

Now do you see why you must stop at every Ross along the way???

Thursday, February 18, 2010

kid stuff

very often, when shopping, i find myself often more drawn to the kids sections of stores than the adult ones.
i guess it is the whimsy that does it to me. kids items are not too serious or stuffy.

they are colorful and humorous and usually very, very comfy.
who can resist that?

here are some of the "kid" items that I am currently crushing on to use in the not-kid rooms of my house...

Pottery Barn Kids

Rosenberry Rooms

Rosenberry Rooms

Land of Nod

Land of Nod

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i recently discovered the wonderful little site Bloomingville
I think I discovered it on Decor8 but I honestly can't remember for sure.

even though the colors of this porch are much more muted than I want for my porch/patio, I love it still. I love the set-up, the layout, the comfort it conveys.

this porch looks livable to me.

I think I am about done with winter and I am beginning to crave spring.
My bones are ready to be warm again, my toes are anxious to see the light of day again, and I have my sweaters & tights have lost their charm.

this year I am determined to set-up my porch and hang a small clothes line.
not too ambitious, just a small one for hanging vintage linens and such.

dreamy, dreamy.

are you ready for spring too?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the big d

I spent the past weekend in Dallas with old friends.

I went to meet this sweet girl and to hang out with her sweet big sis and her parents, whom I love dearly.

I also went to visit mecca.

And drool over this sink.

And pet these cabinets.

And test -sit-lay-curl-up-on this couch.

All items on our "when we remodel" wish list.

It was a great trip and even though I had to leave the big ticket items in Dallas this time, I did pick up a few pretties to bring home!
Hopefully I will get to snap some pictures soon and share.

But for now I have boys to bathe, and laundry to put away and a DVR to get caught up with.
It was good to be away. It is good to be home.

Monday, February 15, 2010

my children the criminals

My boys are so darn creative.
Only apparently they are little criminals too.
Recently during a snow day nap (for me) they took the opportunity to create these Star Wars Bounty Hunter helmets & jet packs.

Aren't they clever?

But here's the hitch - the boxes they used are the Priority Shipping boxes I get for free from the Post Office with the understanding of course that I use them for shipping.

Not costume making.

But once they were cut what could this momma do?

Help cover up the crime of course!

With paint.

Can you believe this? My kids did this all on their all own.

All I did was a) Take a Nap and b) Set Out the Paints.

And just for the record those things did not happen at the same time.

I was awake during the painting part.
I am not that laid back!

So yes, my children are little crafty unaware criminals, but I am pretty sure that not even the Post Master General could resist this cuteness...

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