Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the Tuesday before Christmas

 Saturday night Wylie had his Christmas Recital for Piano.
Afterwards we continued the holiday celebration with a trip to Wendy's 99Cent Menu and a tour of our State Capitol building.

We have lived in the Little Rock area for 12 years and just last year we discovered this little {free} gem of a holiday experience. The boys love it because it is THE CAPITOL - oh my little history buffs!
I love it because it is festive. 

 Every year they light the whole building and you can see it from miles around - so beautiful.
My favorite part is how they have spelled PEACE in the round windows above the columns.

 There are 4 levels in all and they open them all up to visitors for the holidays.

 This year I just kept marveling at all the marble.
I know that I have seen in before, but I had never noticed how much there really is.

 The bridge with the snowflakes overhead is the big Picture Spot.
I love how they created a grid over the bridge with fishing line to hang all the snowflakes from.

 The tree is local and huge and beautiful as always.
I did think it could have used more ornaments, but then again I like a glittering tree...
Guess for the "Natural State" tree less may be more.

 My nutty nutcracker boys.
Right after this wrestling ensued and they had to be seperated.

So that is our capitol.
If you live local you should go - it stays open late and it is a lot of fun for all ages. They even open rooms like the Old Supreme Court and the kids can go sit at the bench.
It's good to get them hooked early on.

Tuesdays To-Do List
Finish Stitching on Scarves
Wrap Some Gifts
Make Chicken & Dumplings for the masses
Keep boys from destroying living room & dining room before Playgroup party tonight
Figure Out Craft for Party


  1. +*Here's my lis*t:

  2. Absolutely beautiful. What a special memory.

  3. Great photos...isn't it fun to find something free at this time of the year? Boys are adorable! happy Holidays

  4. OH WOW! What a beautiful capital! I love the picture of the circle looking down on trees!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Gorgeous! These photos just sent me on a trip down memory lane. My parents used to take my to see the Capitol every year at Christmas time. It's always been breathtaking and I'm so happy to see that it's still as beautiful as ever.


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