Saturday, December 18, 2010

the saturday before Christmas

the way my mind works lately is like this:
what do I have to do Today?
Not, what do I have to do Tomorrow? Next Week? Next Month?
nope, if it is not on the list for Today, then chances are I am not going to plan for it.
well maybe I am stretching the truth a little
but not too much.
the result of thinking like this is that I am rarely overwhelmed.
another result? we have 1 week till Christmas and I am just now, today starting the handmade portions of my gifts.
and digging the wrapping paper out of the hall closet, which was a major accomplishment.
above is Gift Wrap Central 2010
it may not be pretty but it is organized and now it is done.
the handmade gifts will not be so quickly conquered however.
so today I called in some back-up support.

some of our besties came over to play and craft.
Fizzie Lizzie came prepared with her mad origami skills to teach me some basics for a gift idea I am working on, while J & W came to distract and entertain Wy and Miles so I could get my craft on.

Lizzie's patience when teaching - an adult or child- is amazing. She is zen-like. 
When Miles, unable to resist a crafting session, even with Bigger Boys in the house, joined in, she never blinked, she just included him in our work without missing a beat.

 Now that I have mastered my technique I have to get to folding. And I have a lot of folding to do.
But Confucius says "Better to fold paper than laundry,"  right?


  1. I know that saying.

  2. That fizzy lizzy pretty much adores being at the crafting wonderland that is the Greers...

    Thanks for inviting her to be a part of your day!


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