Thursday, December 02, 2010

oh silent night {and a giveaway!}

Last night was the Book Release Party/Advent Event for the new prayer guide Common Prayer.
Last night was the middle of a overly busy week and I was feeling weary.

Last night, I sat in an almost dark room, lit by candles and Christmas lights and soaked in words and prayers and sounds that spoke of rest, of compassion, of community, of hope.
Last night I was still, and silent and mercifully I was able to recieve all of those gifts.
My hope is that I will be able to pass them on to others this Christmas, this day.

Last night I celebrated a huge monatary debt that was forgiven this week.
Someone who in a huge gift of generousity gave me a large loan a few years ago for my design business, has forgivien the debt of his own accord.
Nothing could have prepared me for that gift.
A gift that makes the reality of adopting that much more real.
That much more possible.
To say that I am overwhelmed with gratefulness is putting it lightly.
I do not think I have even fully taken in what this means for me. For our family.
Last night I prayed that I can pass on the gift of forgiveness - the forgiveness of debts of any kind - to all I encounter this Christmas.

And now for the Giveaway.
Even though I do not have a copy yet (shameful I know!) I got to look through one last night and I have to tell you I am really impressed with this book. I think anyone, regardless of whether they come from a litergical tradition or not, regardless of where they are in their faithwill find this book accessible, relevant and comforting.
I would give one to everyone I know this Christmas if I could. But even though I can't give one to everyone, one lucky ready will be able to win a copy (sweetly donated by Robin at Zondervan) to keep or pass on this Christmas. And remember everyone can visit the website and see the daily reading any time for free.

To enter to win your copy of Common Prayer simply leave me a comment, telling me what you hope for most this Christmas season.
(As always, you can get additional entries by Tweeting / Facebooking/Blogging about this giveaway. Just make sure to come back and leave me a comment letting me know!)

The giveaway will stay open till Sunday,  December 12th.


  1. I'm hoping for sweet moments with my precious family.

  2. My hope (and prayer) is that all I do this month in celebration of The Gift (Jesus) is for His glory!
    "Glory to the newborn King!"
    Blessings, Heidi

  3. I hope to, um, get through it? :)

  4. I could really use this book right now. I am hoping for healing in my family and a job for my husband and a better year in 2011 for the people in my life.

    Crafting by Candlelight

    bibanon1 [at]

  5. This book and I will be together some day. I have seen it here and there 3 or 4 times this week alone. Maybe it's meant to be.

  6. After a a very stressful November, I hope for a peaceful Advent season and time to "Be Still"

  7. You don't have to give me a book, I just wanted to tell you how incredibly thrilled I am for you that you are closer to adoption.
    That's how Monkey Boy came to be part of our family.
    My wish for advent: some flippin peace!

  8. I am hoping those less fortunate have what they need this holiday season.

  9. Hey, friend. Budget's tight. I'd love to win a copy of this book!

  10. I'm hoping for more time outside with my kids!

    This book looks so great!

  11. I am hoping for a time filled with family, friends and reflection.

  12. 1. Beautiful post. How amazing, your story of debt forgiven.

    2. Shane Claiborne!!!!!

    3. Adoption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. to give Olga a home:) what a beautiful giveaway this is!


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