Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holly Jolly Folly - The Party

Oh my do I love a good old fashioned Christmas party!
Egg Nog and Cheese Balls and Boiled Shrimp Pinned to foam trees with toothpicks.
Or a Holiday party with a Chinese buffet  and well mixed drinks.
Deciding what to wear, deciding what to take, pulling out your "party purse."

Now you all know that I will  happily Make Do and Mend. I will Stay Calm and Carry On. I will Hunker Down and Hold On for the The FEP. For the good of our budget.
But sometimes a girl likes to dream, and this girl likes to dream of throwing a Yuletide Celebration with unlimited Visa Gift Card footing the bill.
Why not?

So without further ado here is my Holly Jolly Christmas Folly Dream Team

Skirt & Shirt: Ruche
Boots: Anthropologie
Tights: Target
Earrings: Etsy
Apron: Cath Kidston

Wrapping Paper, Christmas Cards, Naughty & Nice Coasters: Paper Source
Star Ornaments, Tin Cans, Star Bag: Ikea
Snowman and Santa Snowballs: RSH Catalog
Red Dot Ribbon: Cath Kidston
Wide Burlap Ribbon: Micheals
Toy Boys: Land of Nod

Tea Towels and Silver Trees: Wisteria
Red Lantern, Stripe Fabric & Paper Cups: Ikea
Polka Dot Plates & Paper Napkins: Cath Kidston
Burlap Fabric: Joann's
Spoons: Anthropologie

Do you dream in inspiration boards?


  1. I am so mad that I did not see those tin cans at Ikea when I was there because I would have SNATCHED them right up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's so important to have dreams. Because with loving and wishing comes much joy. Your inspiration boards for dream Christmas Party, A-MA-ZING. I envy your ability to put it all together on your blog. I have difficulty posting my own picture on mine. Ha

  3. Yes, I do dream in inspiration boards. And in themes. Love it all!


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