Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Wish List #1

Let's be honest. I am a white, educated, middle class female, married with children.
I have a family. I have a home. I have a job. I have friends. I have...The list is long. And I am extremely grateful for everything on it (Lord, help me remember it each day!)
So there is not really anything that I need that can come in a box or from a store. I am clear on that.
The things I do need include Mercy, Forgiveness, Wholeness, Transformation... this list is long also.
But those are gifts I receive in a million big and little ways all year. From Christ. From those in my life who are being Christ to me. From the experiences and encounters and moments that change me, soothe me, challenge me.
So what does that leave for Christmas list making? Wishes I suppose. Wishes and Dreams and Things.
Because, again I will be honest; I like Things. Pretty, Shiny Things.
I know I don't need them. But I still like them and if possible, I wouldn't be opposed to finding any of the following completely frivolous-yet-lovely items under my tree come Christmas morning

I am 36. Time for a leather(ish) jacket.
I am in-love with this one.
Serious love.

Sweet Man and I adore this movie.
We stop and watch it anytime it is on.
I would like it on DVD. I would also love this collection.

I want one of these in the kitchen and beside my bed.
But mostly beside my bed.
They are all out of white online but it says that they are still in stock at all of our local Targets. Hint. Hint.

Posey and stiching. What's not to love?

I cannot believe I do not own my copy of this.
It is just WRONG.


  1. Love the first part of your post! Thank you for the reminder of how truly blessed we are. Hope you get one of your frivolous-yet-lovely items under your tree!

  2. Three and a half years ago after I sold my big old house and bought half a duplex, I had some money rolling around in my bank account (not a lot; just a little). While shopping for new bathroom towels in the city, I visited Danby Leather (as I almost always do) just to window shop and inhale. Ahhhh! Love that smell!

    I tried on a beautiful leather jacket, fell in love, and at my girl's urging, I spent $500 on this jacket. I wore it in a blissful state of shock and slight guilt for the first 6 months or so. But I've gotten over that; and I'm so glad I bought it. It's gorgeous and luxuriant and just plain makes me feel wonderful when I wear it. And it still smells great.

    I sure hope you get your jacket this Xmas. (PS - Go for the real leather.)


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