Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas beginnings

 There came a moment where I thought about not really decorating this year.
Truthfully, it was actually more like a few days.
I had the tree up with lights on it and 4 little vintage putz houses on the mantle and that was feeling like enough. 
And it was. For me. For those few days.
And maybe it would have been enough for me for the whole season.
But then there are my children.
And there is this itchy feeling, deep in the back of my head that says "do it anyway. decorate anyway."

At some point I will stop and sit and ponder.
There will come a moment, somehow (because there always does,) where I will sit on my couch, in a clean and decorated house and everyone will be asleep and it will be just me and the darkness, except for the twinkle lights and the Wonder of it All will hit me. And in that moment  I will be inexplicably grateful that I did it.

Even though it was taxing at times.
Even though the mess that it creates for a few days almost beat me this year.
Even though I know that it is just "stuff."

Still and but. Joy has come to meet me.
And there will come a moment when I stop, and bask in it's glow.
Christmas has begun.


  1. LOVE the tree!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am missing it, and it will not be practical for me to decorate this year. Your's is beautiful, and I need to know the paint color on your walls. Jackie

  3. Penny Holland4:38 PM

    I just absolutely love you whole house! It has such a magical twinkle to it all. May I come live with you? :)

  4. I just found your blog and i'm so glad that I did! I love your mantle, it's so cheery and colorful. I could do with some color in my own decorating actually. Joyful holidays to you!

  5. Love the vintage tree....very sweet! It's hard sometimes to pull out all the decorations, but once they are out and up, it is so enjoyable!

  6. Your decorations are beautiful. And I know what you mean about the mess required to decorate, but once it's done and all storage boxes put away, Christmas magic enters in.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.



  8. ...seriously...can you come decorate my house?!?

  9. Yes. Yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!!!!!


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