Thursday, December 09, 2010

bad photos, fun store

Have you been in a  Romancing the Stone store lately?
I love all their handmade Christmas items.
Our local store is in the mall and so I never really go, but while we were on Vacation we stumbled into this one.

I especially these reigndeer and camels.
I love the textures and the colors. So happy!

There are so many things in this store that I wanted to take home.
I love all the ethnic patterns and bright colors Makes me just want to pack my bags and travel the world.
They also have tons of hanging lanterns in various shapes and sizes and we all know my addiction to hanging lanterns.
In fact yesterday the writer for the Cottage Style magazine article called to interview me about the shoot, and in almost every room she asked me about some lantern I had hanging. I had no idea I had so many!
I think maybe I am addicted...

The boys had a blast trying out the samari swords, playing with the hermit crabs and even trying on all the different hats.

My boys can never resist hats
It is one of my favorite things about them.


  1. I never go in there because of the smell. I can't stand incense and just being on that end of the mall makes me gag. Maybe I should toughen up and browse!

  2. When our family went to Disney, we tried on a hat in every country, every store and took pictures. It was great fun.


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