Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Too Many Mittens Craft and a Winner!

When I was a little girl, one of my most favorite books was Too Many Mittens
by Florence and Louis Slobodkin.
A few years ago, my sister Jemimah, who had lighted away with our family copy, wrapped it up and gave it to me after she heard me talking about how much I loved this book.

The story is about twin boys and how one winter they lose a mitten, and how their house becomes the landing place for all the lost mittens in the neighborhood.
I love the art work, the colors and I love the story.
I think something about how the whole community took part and came together, looking after even the simplest of things - lost mittens - on behalf of each was comforting to me.

For several years I have been wanting to make a "Too Many Mittens" garland, and finally I have!

 The boys are both home with bad colds this week and today I pulled the short straw to stay home (Sweet Man held down the fort the past 2 days)
I can't say I was too upset. I think we all needed a "momma stays home day" and making this garland with Miles may have been just what the doctor ordered for him.

 We made one mitten garland and one party-dot garland.
I even got around to listing a Krafty Kit for the Mitten Garland in the Shoppe.

After we got done making my version of the Mitten Garland, Miles had to create one all by himself, and hang it up too. Pretty darn cute, that kid.

If you want to make a Too Many Mittens Garland yourself you can buy a kit with everything ready to go or you can copy the directions below. If you would like the PDF of the directions just leave me a comment with your email address and I will send them to you!

comment #9 - Summer Swanson of Artfulife
Summer leave me your email so I can contact you!


  1. I Just Love Everything on this Post!!!
    I love those old books from childhood that bring back such warm and happy feelings! How sweet of your sister to wrap it up and give it to you.
    Aahhh...Sisters :)
    And, the mitten garland- Too, Too Cute!!! I want to make some.
    Thanks for sharing this fun idea,

  2. I love children's books. Although my kids are grown, I still pull out the Christmas books and re-read them during the season. Perhaps this year, I'll sit them down in their jammies with hot cocoa and force them to listen!

  3. wooohooo! Thanks so much. My email is Sorry I haven't stopped by sooner, my little one has been sick.

  4. I LOVED that book and sadly I totally forgot about it! thanks so much for the sweet reminder. i will have to run to the library so i can read it to my littles


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