Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Hearts

I hope that Thanksgiving lives in my heart everyday, not just today.

I thank God for this day,
For the sun in the sky,
For my mom and my dad,
For my piece of apple pie!

For our home on the ground,

For His love that's all around,
That's why I say thanks every day!

Because a thankful heart is a happy heart!

I'm glad for what I have,
That's an easy way to start!

For the love that He shares,

'Cause He listens to my prayers,
That's why I say thanks every day!
The Thankfulness Song from Veggie Tales


  1. It's Thanksgiving day and we are all piled up watching the parade. So, I have the perfect time to drop by and visit friends. I wanted to tell you that one the things I am thankful for today is blogging and the way it has made my world so much bigger. Thank you for the inspiration I have found here. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my friend. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I got my B*E*L*I*E*V*E banner yesterday and I love it! I've carried it all over the house trying to decide where I want to hang it and it brightens up every spot I hang it in. Thank you so much!

    Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving,

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  3. Jerusalem, I gave you a Blog Award on my blog, check it out:
    Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!
    I really enjoy your blog,

  4. What a lovely thought my dear and the retro card is so fab and the words are so wonderful. Thanksgiving blessings sweetie! ~ Katie


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