Saturday, November 20, 2010


this is our family motto at the moment.
not very glamorous I know, but it is the truth, and that is the best I can do.

Sweet Man and I are working very hard to get our family to the place we need to be in order to adopt and this means that in a lot of areas we have to "hunker down."

We are having to hunker down primarily in terms of our finances, working hard to pay off debts and get ourselves into a more stable position that we have been. There are days this seems within reach and then days like today when the pipe under the kitchen sink falls apart, rotten and old, that I break down into weepy tears because it just seems so impossible.

We have to hunker down in terms of our patience level.
We are living with a lot of questions right now and very few (if any) answers.
The chance that our life could look radically different a year from now is just as real as the
 chance that our life might not look different at all. And the amount of control I have over the outcome is so minuscule it isn't even worth mentioning.

And I am hunkering down in my prayers. I am getting very specific and even at times downright bossy with God about what I want/hope/think we need, what I think I need.
Not that I think this guarantees that I will get what I ask for.
In fact I am not sure how much affect my prayers have on that part at all.
I guess what I am really asking for, begging for, is coverage.
I just want some coverage. I pray a lot of prayers that go a lot like this

God I am serious about this. We are serious about this.
And I am pretty  sure you have placed this in our hearts, and so  you are serious about this too. So if you are, and if this is going to happen then you are going to have to be in it and around it and through it, because I know just enough to know that it is bigger than I can carry.So please, please help.
Please help prepare us.
Please help prepare them.
Please help prepare us all for each other.

For Thanksgiving this year, our little family of 4 is doing some serious Hunkering Down.
We are getting out of town and going away thanks to the generosity of some very dear friends.
We are going to work on preparing our hearts. We are going to read, and take walks, and drive each other nuts, and sleep in and play games and make messes. We are going to talk and laugh and fight and cry. We are going to go slow and put the words Please and Thank You and You First back into our vocabularies.
We are going to work on being a better family of 4 before we try to attempt to be a family of 6.
We are going to retreat; we are going to hunker down
Burst pipe be damned!


  1. Have a great time:
    1. Be honest with God.
    2. Be honest with yourself.
    3. Be honest with your family.

    4. Direct your family in the way you all have to go.
    5. Get yourself in the correct position to receive.
    6. Let God show you His way to fulfill the opportunity.

  2. I hope you all have a wonderful time together.

    Enjoy being away!


  3. Sounds like a plan! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving break.

  4. Have a wonderful time away. May it be the refreshment you need. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  5. Hope you have a restful retreat. So exciting to hear your plan to adopt. We have talked about that possibility too.


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