Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Reading List

Everyone knows I have a thing about watching certain movies at certain times of the year.
The same is true for books. There are certain books that I like to re-read every year around. This year, I am feeling that my list needs a little more rounding out, so let's play a little game of "I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours."
I'll show you my annual holiday reading list, if you will show (or at least share) yours as well!

Ready? Ok, here is my list:

I don't think I have read A Christmas Carol since I was a little girl, but I am putting it on my list anyway, because every year I intend to read it and that has to count for something.
I love this version and have been eyeballing it for a few years. I really want to read it with the boys...maybe this will be the year I buy it!

Now it is your turn - what do you like to read around Christmas or what great Christmas themed books (fiction or memoir especially) can you recomend?


  1. Our Christmas box has awhile to come out yet, but I always look forward to the various holiday issues of magazines that I sock away there!

  2. here's a post I did last year on my favourite children's Christmas books


  3. Have you read Elizabeth Berg's The Handmaid and the Carpenter? It had mixed reviews but I found it to be such a lovely book not only in it's telling of the birth of Jesus but weaving the love story of Mary and Joseph. I read it every year and am listening to it on audio book right now!

    I just read David Shannon's It's Christmas, David! at our school's book fair yesterday and love it! It's a picture book and hilarious-as all the No David books are!


  4. I *love* Two From Galilee by Marjorie Holmes! I look forward to checking out some of yours. Kelly


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