Saturday, October 09, 2010

love love love

 remember these chairs?
my $15 a piece find from Habitat Restore?

remember the really, really not-so-lovely fabric?

 look at them now!
aren't they amazing?
 seriously, I feel like I won the lottery every time I look at them.

my mother made these very-washable custom slipcovers for me for my birthday!
we found a great tutorial and e-book over at The Nester and she went to town on these chairs.

Mom got the ready just in time for the photo shoot, and then guess what? They never made it in!
Isn't that just how life goes?
Well I can't say I am sad because now I have them and I love, love, love them!
Is it silly to be so giddy over chairs?


  1. They are DARLING! I love them! I'm curious tho, did u switch your living room and dining room back? I wanted to thank you for letting me feature your home on my blog too!
    Backyard Candle Co.

  2. Penny3:21 AM

    They are brilliant, Jerusalem! You have such a talented family. We live in the UK (US military family) and I recommend you check out They have tons of adorable items - ofr outrageous ptices, BUT plenty of ideas to copy for such a crafty person as you!


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