Monday, October 25, 2010

christmas bells are ringing

 in my mind...

I think this year I would prefer to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and get right to Christmas.
I could use a little Christmas in my life right now.
Here are some Christmas items I am loving right now.



  1. I'm with you...As soon as I see the 1st Christmas holiday decoration in a store , I quietly yelp and cheer (while most others are grumbling about decorations being out too early and how the holiday is so commercialized...blah blah blah).

  2. I just found your blog! LOVE IT!! I have spent many night drooling over each page...and dreaming about a life as colorful as yours!!

  3. cute picks. i agree with you, i wish i could skip halloween too.


  4. Yummy stuff, and I love Christmas. But, I think I'll wait and enjoy Thanksgiving first.


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