Monday, October 11, 2010

the bedroom

One of the rooms we finished in anticipation of the photo shoot was our master bedroom.
We started it a year ago -  maybe more?
Sweet Man really earned his keep with this project.

He replaced the ceiling fan
Trust me - the old one was a monument to why you should NOT have ceiling fans. 
So. Ugly.
This one however is white and low profile and perfect.
We do live in the south after all.
I don't even think I can sleep without one on at some speed...

Finished painting the walls
Rainwashed from Sherwin-Williams
So great to have all 4 walls the same color finally.

Repaired and Painted the Thrift Store Armoire.
I know it might be a tad "precious" but it is just so cheery that I can't help but love it.

I put the fabric in the door panels.
All the fabric is from vintage pillowcases.

Framed a poster from Sweet Man's new bands first gig

and finally added small touches here and there

and of course a great chair.
Gotta have a chair.
I mean where else are all my worn-once-but-not-quite-dirty-clothes going to go?


  1. it turned out great! i really love the mix of vintage with the modern hanging lights.

  2. It turned out so lovely!

  3. Lovely!

    I need that spot as well. Where do others hide the "clothes just worn once but cannot go back in the closet"?

    Lisa xo

  4. very cute room :)
    hey found this today. it's your house only yellow!


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